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Peaceful Alternatives to War

For Tech Challenge 2013-2014

That One Guy

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Peaceful Alternatives to War

Things That Would Be Solved By Peaceable Alternatives To War
War's Effect On The Environment
Major Effects of War on the Environment
Plant mutation
Unnatural erosion of land
Animal extinction
Plant extinction
Animal mutation
Ecosystem damage
Stress among plants and animals
Air pollution
Water pollution
is an effect of troops moving through an area for a long period of time. It causes healthy areas to literally turn into deserts.

Radiation Poison
Battle Fatigue
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Trench Foot
Child Trauma By Death Of Relatives
Some other things that war also causes are:

Population loss
Press ganging

Have War Alternatives Been Used?
We researched lots of well known wars and how they ended and we came to this conclusion...
Almost as many
animals die as
humans every
year as an
effect of war.
Civil War
Revolutionary War
World War II
World War I
Vietnam War
Korean War
French-Indian War
End of the Roman Empire

War's Impact On The World
By Dylan Norton
and Will Toll

A main cause of desertification
is bombs being dropped from planes
over a wide area.
There are many things in our families and neighborhoods that are effected by war. These are some of the things that they suffer from.
During the Korean War a treaty was signed to ally the territories of Korea. All the territories except for North Korea signed the treaty.
The Korean War
The History of War and the Environment
Neurosis is a mental disorder that causes neither hallucinations or delusions but a sense of distress to the person with the condition.
In the First World War, over 37 million people died, and over 500 square miles of trenches were dug, destroying 500 miles of land. In the second world war, almost double the amount of land was destroyed. Over all, the effects of war have destroyed thousands of miles of healthy land. If you counted insects and arachnids as a part of the animals killed as an effect of war, between humans and animals combined, there would be well over 12 million deaths per year.
Tuberculosis is a disease that commonly attacks the lungs but it can also attack the other parts of respiratory system, like the trachea, mouth, and nose.
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Post traumatic stress disorder is a disorder that causes the person the stress of just being in war and realizing they have have killed people.
Why Are Military Deaths Classified?
Main Thoughts
Most resources we used concluded that the reason that the government doesn't release military death records is because either they think it doesn't matter if people who aren't relatives to someone who has died from war, or there would be mass riots and protests if actual numbers were released. The number of people who die every year from war is a number far larger than most people think.
Press ganging is when people are mobbed by the press and in this case are asked about confidential material from the battlefield.
Press Ganging
According to the calculations of most websites, the number of people who die from war in the United States alone is far over 25,000 per year. The overall population of the United states is almost 314,000,000. That means that if the population remained the same for 12,560 years except for military deaths, the country would die. Over 1,500 people died on the Titanic. The amount of military deaths in the United States every year is more than 16 Titanics.
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Mental and physical diseases and conditions of war:
The Wars We Researched:
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