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Copy of Transcendentalism Calvin and Hobbes

No description

Remy Erkel

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Transcendentalism Calvin and Hobbes

Related to Transcendentalism Self Reliance Importance of Nature Non-Conformity Civil Disobedience Free Thought Calvin is exemplary when it comes to self reliance. He rarely asks more of his parents than to let him play to his hearts content, and he is extremely skilled in making something uneventful into something fun. He always has original ideas, and imitates no one. He is a beacon of independence, and he truly embraces his personal identity. To Calvin and Hobbes, the world is just a giant playground, waiting to be explored. Sledding is a staple of their winter fun, and dangerous, high speed wagon rides occupy spring days. The two friends really appreciate the world around them, and always enjoy it. Calvin loves to rebel against his "oppressive" parents and teachers, but he also has a youthful knack for seeing the world's issues from a level-headed perspective. He often sees the obvious mistakes of the government and society that most adults would overlook. Calvin couldn't care less what the world thinks of him. He lives to have fun; almost unreachable to the influences of society. He is never concerned with fitting in, only with living life to the fullest and enjoying his childhood Calvin shows free thought by following his own path. He despises the predictable, monotonous routine of school and parents, so he often gets creative or drifts into fantasy lands to relieve his boredom. Calvin and Hobbes The End Ryan Seth
Jacob Deriso
Remy Erkel This comic shows Calvin's love for living and desire to "Suck the marrow out of life"
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