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A Prezi How to

Learn to use Prezi presentations

andrew wolfe

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of A Prezi How to

This is the Guide to Greatness Signing Up Create a New Prezi The Basics Images and Media Help and Share Get Started!

Be creative!

Make epic impressions! Choose A Prezi License
Personal Information Go to Your Prezis Add/Edit Text Add an Image Add Frames
Arrows Have any questions? By Sabre Tweedy
Andrew Wolfe 1) Signing up for Prezi is an great start for a future college career College Professors love Prezi presentations 2) This can be done in two easy steps 1) To start pick the free account 2) All you need is your name and a valid email address New Prezi Get Started! This is your homepage where all your Prezis can be found and Edited You
can choose
a Template to fit the needs of your Presentation. Even go 3D! Give your Prezi a Title,
Let people know what
your Presentation is
about with a quick
description Edit your Themes Making Your Path Embed a Video Embellishments Add tons of Shapes Welcome to Prezi Want to share your work with friends? Click on the Menu icon for video tutorials, Support, and FAQ Click on the Share icon to invite friends to your creative Prezi's
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