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Simpson College Meal Plan Options

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Luke Behaunek

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Simpson College Meal Plan Options

Simpson College
Food Venues and
Meal Plan Options
2012-2013 Simpson College is excited to offer new dining options and meal plans for the 2012-13 academic year!

This module will allow you to learn more about the venues and meal plan options and hopefully answer questions
you might have. the layout Pfeiffer will be renovated during Summer 2012, providing new services beginning Fall 2012 including:
- HearthStone oven for pizzas and other baked dishes
- My Pantry, providing customized meal options
- Exhibition station grills for freshly-prepared meals, including stir-fry and other options
- Baker's Crust for made-to-order sandwiches and baked goods
- The Kitchen, featuring classic comfort foods
and home-style cooking
- Fresh Market for a wide-array of prepared
foods, including traditional and non-
traditional salad bar items Scheduled for completion in October 2012, the Kent Campus Center will contain four different food options!
A Coffee Kiosk, which will proudly brew Starbucks coffee and serve small snacks
Red Mango, a national chain specializing in frozen yogurt and smoothie options! Visit www.redmangousa.com for menu selections and information!
Au Bon Pain, another national chain which is focused on sandwiches, soups and salads.
Visit aubonpain.com for info!
A grill perfect for a relaxing gathering or a
quick bite. Serving burgers ranging from 1-5
beef patties, chicken sandwiches and tenders,
and sides to complement! Kent Campus Center Pfeiffer Dining Hall info desk C Street

Simpson will feature two dining locations during 2012-13:

Pfeiffer Dining Hall
renovated summer '12

Kent Campus Center
completed Oct. '12 What's new with meal plans?

Full meal plan options (all per semester):
200 blocks & $75 flex
150 blocks & $275 flex
Part meal plan:
100 blocks & $250 flex (only available for apartment and theme house residents)
Greek meal plan:
150 blocks, $275 flex, with 5 blocks per week served at the house
If a house chooses to go onto this
meal plan, it is required for all live-in
members. Meal plans will move away from the traditional meals/week system to block plans, giving you a certain number of blocks per semester.

This offers more flexibility with your meal plan!
one block still equals one all-you-can-eat meal at Pfeiffer
one block equals $4.50 worth of food at Kent
any number of blocks can be used during a meal period, so you can easily bring guests along!
blocks don't run out at the end of the week
If you want something at Kent which is
more than a block's value, add another if
you'd like to cover the cost! Meal Plan Options

Flex money left over at the end of the first semester will roll-over to the second semester. Unused blocks will not roll-over between semesters.

The current 20 meals/wk option will still be available for 2012-13. Under that
plan, unused meals will be lost at
the end of every week, and the
plan will not include flex money. Meal Plan Options
Meal Plan Costs for 2012-2013:

Full meal plans: $4103/yr. This includes:
- 200 block plan
- 150 block plan
- 150 block Greek plan
- 20 meals/wk plan

The 100 block plan is $2623/yr. This
is only available for apartment and
theme house residents. Meal Plan Options Say, for instance, you wanted to to buy $8 worth of food at the Kent Campus Center next fall. Your options would be:
Pay $8 in flex money
Use one block (worth $4.50) and $3.50 in flex
Use one block and $3.50 in cash
Use two blocks* (no change is received when the block value exceeds the amount
Pay $8 in cash Meal Plan Flexiblity: A Scenario - frozen yogurt
- smoothies - burgers
- sides If the semester is winding down and you don't think your blocks or flex will make it to the end, you can:
- buy 20 additional blocks for $60, that's an average of $3 for an all-you-can-eat meal!
- buy 25 additional flex dollars for
only $20! What happens if I run out of blocks or flex? **this is just a sample image of the
type of finishes and feel the place will have - If you have questions about the meal services provided, please contact Joe Luing, Director of Food Services, at 515-961-1686 or joe.luing@simpson.edu.
- If you have questions about the specific plans offered, you can contact Jim Thorius,
Vice-President for Student Development,
at jim.thorius@simpson.edu.
- For suggestions of info to add to this,
feel free to contact Luke Behaunek at luke.behaunek@simpson.edu Questions? N Buxton Park *this option is not available with the 20 meals/wk option. Students with that meal plan can only use 1 meal per meal period. During the first four weeks of each semester, you can change your meal plan. To do so, just stop by the Office of Residence Life at 711 N D Street, or email Tammy Miller at tammy.miller@simpson.edu with your new preference. Can I change my meal plan? How do I? The answer to that question is really up to each person. The plans are very flexible, but a rule of thumb is that if you plan on eating most meals in Pfeiffer, a plan with more blocks is usually better suited for you. Plan on eating at Kent a lot? More flex is probably best. Which meal plan is best for me?
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