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American Eagle Outfitters Prezi

American Eagle Outfitters Presentation Gabbie Machtan

Gabbie Machtan

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of American Eagle Outfitters Prezi

American Eagle Outfitters Prezi
American Eagle Outfitters
Phone Number: 412-432-3300
Address: 77 Hot Metal Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203-2329
AEO is their ticker
Traded on the NYSE
History of American Eagle Outfitters
American Eagle Outfitters was founded by two brothers named Mark and Jerry Silverman in 1977.
In 1991 is when American Eagle Outfitters went public.
Gabbie Machtan
6th Hour Business HB
Marshfield MS
AEO Facts and Figures #2
Net Income was $232.108 Million in 2013.
Net Income was $151.705 Million in 2012.
Net Income was $140.647 Million in 2011.
AEO Facts and Figures #1
Total Revenues reached $3.476 Billion in 2013.
Total Revenues reached $3.120 Billion in 2012.
Total Revenues reached $2.945 Billion in 2011.
One Year Chart taken
from Yahoo.com website
The current stock price is $14.85.
The stock price one year ago today was $21.40.
The dividends paid in 2012 include a 0.11 on May 22, another 0.11 on June 25, a 1.61 on September 24, and a 0.22 on December 17.
Analysts Opinion according to Yahoo.com

1 Recommends AEO its a strong buy.
5 Recommend AEO is a buy.
19 Recommend AEO is a hold.
0 Recommend AEO is underperformed.
0 Recommend AEO is a sell.
Competition for AEO
Thank You!
American Eagle Outfitters Information
American Eagle sells denim, sweaters, fleece, outerwear, graphic T-shirts, footwear, and accessories to 15 to 25 year old women and men.
Aerie is the other company American Eagle Outfitter owns.
AEO Facts and Figures #3
About 7,000 people work at American Eagle Outfitters right now.
Financial Information on American
Eagle Outfitters
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