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Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed


Sumaer Sahney

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed

By Ray Bradbury
Dark They Were, And


The author, Ray Bradbury, wrote this story to entertain
He probably also wrote this because of life influences, and his love for martians
He also wrote this story to tell people to adapt to their surroundings
Direct characterization-the author describes the character directly
“You’re getting thinner, Harry. And taller.”
“Ant the lawn in front of their house very quietly and slowly was coloring itself like spring violets.”
Indirect characterization-the author describes the character with indirect visual statements
"Onions but not onions, carrots but not carrots. Taste: the same but different. Smell: not like it used to be."
“Its lid gave a bulging pop.”
This is an example of onomatopoeia
This is the most vital to the story because this starts Harry’s adventure
“We’re stranded on Mars, forever and ever!”
This is an example of hyperbole
This is important because after this, Harry decides to build a rocket
"The wind blew as if to flake away their identities"
This is an example of sensory language
This explains how the place felt to the Bittering family
Literary Devices
Rising Action
Inciting Incident
Falling Action
Plot Line
Direct and Indirect Characterization
Harry was motivated to make the rocket when grotesque thing occured
"The roses.They're turning green!"
"Harry, what color eyes have you got?"..."There were little, very dim flecks of new gold captured iin the blue of his eyes."
Theme is the message about life that is conveyed by a literary work.
The theme of this story is "Always go with your instict."
The reason it is the theme is that Harry's instinct was to leave.
But he let other people change his opinion.
If he had finished the rocket he would be alive in human form
-When the Bittering family landed on mars
When Laura comes in the room and -tells her dad that the atom bomb hit New York and all the rockets blew up.
-When Harry decides to start building the rocket
When Harry and his family finally become -martians with dark skin and golden eyes
When the new names are given to the mountains
-When Harry and his family move into the villas
When the rocket -men came to mars from earth
Bradbury, Ray. "Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed" from The Language of
Literature. Boston: Mcdougal Litrell,2003,Print.
Circular Plot Line
Avinash Sivakumar and Sumaer Sahney
Harry- He is Dynamic because at the beginning he was very hesitant at the beginning and through out the story
Towards the end he starts to slightly accept living on Mars
He is also a flat character.
Mrs.Biterring is Flat and static since she remains constant throughout the story
Character Development
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