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Senior Meeting Prezi

I'm a Senior... Now What?

Stephanie bruce

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Senior Meeting Prezi

Rec Letters

(Arranged by the first letter of student’s last name.)

ACT Prep
Welcome to Senior Meeting!
The purpose behind meeting with all of you today is to guide you through the steps of graduating and preparing for life after high school.
We plan to cover several topics with you in this presentation that you will need for your Senior year.
We will also share resources that we have put in place to help guide you along as you transition into the next step.
Check for ACCURACY
Note any discrepancies
Discuss these with your counselor
Are you in the classes needed for graduation?
Did you repeat any classes? Make-up failed classes?
Weighted G.P.A is used for class rank
Unweighted G.P.A is used by colleges for admissions
Transcripts are sent to colleges and organizations through Parchment on TCHS homepage
Students are responsible for logging into Parchment and sending FINAL transcript to their college AFTER GRADUATION.
Code in your email populates info to register, but is not necessary
Completed ILP
Completed Diploma Slip
Students must pay for diploma through Balfour.
26 credits needed to graduate
4 credits of English , 3 credits of Science,
3 credits of Math, 3 credits of Social Studies,
PE/ Health, Humanities, and 11 electives.
For complete & detailed listing, see Grad. Brochure
-Plan ahead to avoid being overwhelmed.

-Stay on top of your grades this year.

-Pay close attention to deadlines.

-Research the schools you are interested in.

-Start planning for tomorrow TODAY.
Apply Online
Send Transcript
Send official ACT
Complete Any Other
Reqs for Admission
In November
Oct 2nd 530-730pm
Heritage Hall
Pick 3 to 5 schools that interest you.
Get an application for admission from the school's website or office of admissions. Most applications are online.
Complete and return the application with all necessary materials that must go with it.
Request a copy of your official transcript through Parchment. Have your transcript sent to the college.
Find out what tests, ACT/SAT, are required and the deadlines for submitting your official scores report.
If you have questions ask your parents, guidance counselor, or an admissions director.
Governor Beshear has titled November as our “College Application Month”

TCHS will host our College Application Week in November to complete college applications with assistance.

College reps will be there to assist you in completing applications online to any college of your choice.

Some colleges might even be waiving application fees if you complete an application during College App Week.

Our goal is to have all seniors apply to college even if they plan to go an alternative route.

Documentation from the college visited will be required for an excused absence.

Students can schedule up to 3 college campus visits

Try to visit colleges when they are in session or during Open House or Preview Nights.

On weekends, all you will see are empty buildings!
College Representatives also make visits to TCHS.

The reps are usually from college admissions office.

A list of colleges and the dates they are visiting can be found on the TCHS website or counseling office.

Sign up to visit with college reps BEFORE the day they are scheduled to visit.

To sign up, see Mrs. Gilley in the counseling office.

Dismissal from class is at the teachers’ discretion

If you plan to apply to several colleges, please consider using the common app.

This is one application used for many schools.
Apply at www.commonapp.org

For a complete listing of schools that accept the common app visit this website.

Four Colleges use Common App in KY- Centre, Transylvania, University of Kentucky, and now Eastern KY University.

Please use the UK application rather than the Common App if you are not applying to other C. App Schools
College night is at Heritage Hall on Monday,
October 2, 2017 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm
More than 120 colleges and universities from all over the USA will be present to give you information.
Most beneficial Open House in KY.
Register for the ACT at www.act.org
Next test is Oct 28th. Registration Deadline is Sept 22nd.
Register for the SAT at www.collegeboard.com
These websites are also useful for test preparation.
Online registration is required unless special accommodations are needed.
Some out of state schools require SAT II’s, or subject tests. Check with your selected schools.
If you plan to re-take the ACT, register for Oct or Dec.
Ask your counselor about a fee waiver if you have free or reduced lunch.

-Check out an ACT prep book from the library.

- Register for the Sullivan ACT Prep Course on their site.

-Use the test prep section from act.org

-More advanced test prep is offered through Kaplan and private organizations found on our website.

-Study and Practice. Practice and Study.

-Focus on improving one area with lowest score.
Some colleges require a counselor or teacher letter of recommendation
Letters of Recommendation and Applications require 2 weeks prior notice to counselor.
Please provide your counselor with a Letter of Rec. Request Form found on the senior webpage.
Applications DUE this semester should be submitted to counselor no later than November 14th to meet December 1st deadlines.
If you hope to play college sports, you must meet NCAA academic eligibility requirements.
PLATO & Eschool classes are not accepted for eligibility by NCAA. Dual Credit Math & College Prep Math are not accepted by NCAA
Visit www.ncaa.org for more information and up-to-date guidelines.
NCAA will need an official copy of your transcript. To send a copy of your transcript use the Parchment System.
Register with the Clearinghouse now to begin the process.
A list of current scholarships is provided on the TCHS Counseling Website.

Please let your counselor know if you want to be nominated for a certain scholarship.

A link to current scholarships is also listed on the Senior Bulletin Webpage.

Now is the time to seek out scholarships. Look on the web, your church, community
organizations, etc.

Check with the colleges you are interested in for scholarships that they offer as well.
Now is the time to talk to your parents about financing your college education.

Most colleges require the FAFSA

This is the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid

Apply online for the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov

FAFSA is available to complete October 1st using your/parents current tax info.


Don't forget to check your KEES money at www.kheaa.com and let us know if it is incorrect. We might be missing your social....

Remember- you must earn 5 credits (5 classes) each year to be eligible for KEES $$$. KEES $ is tracked with your social security #.
Our College Coach
Room 606

AmeriCorp Member

College Coach

FAFSA Workshops

Will be offering help for completing the FAFSA in October.

College Application Week
Military options
Technical Schools/ Trade Skills
Correspondence or Home Study Schools
Internships or Apprenticeships
Job skills from high school courses such as
Eastside or Southside
Family Business Options
Entry-level job positions
We have mentioned it over and over. Why?
This is where you will find all the information you need for planning for your Senior year.
Scholarships, College Rep. Visits, Resources, Testing Info, Senior Calendar, & MORE!
Visit www.tchs.fcps.net. Then choose the tab for counseling to view our counseling webpages.
We have dedicated a page on the counseling website just for our Seniors that is now called the Senior Bulletin. Information available includes:

Senior Information

College Information

ACT/SAT Testing

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Career Resources

Resources for Non-College Bound Students
This book is a free resource provided to you.

It offers many helpful resources to aid students in college planning.
Detailed Info for KY colleges
-Deadlines for applying and scholarships
-Testing score/ GPA requirements
-Tuition and fees
-Contact Numbers
-Majors for each KY school

The Getting In Book- IT DOES THE WORK FOR YOU!
Additional Questions Later
About any of what we just covered??

Sign up to see your counselor in
the counseling office.

There are fee waivers available for students with free/reduced priced lunch for 3 different items

NCAA Clearinghouse Registration

Fee Waiver-
See Mr. Waldrop to add fee waiver to your account.

College Application Fee Waivers-
Accepted by SOME colleges, but not all will accept the fee waiver. Only waives application fee, not tuition or any other fees associated with the school. See your counselor.

ACT Fee Waiver-
Students can use ony 2 fee waivers for the ACT and it only works on the test fee, not late fee or standby fee or to send additional scores.
How do I find scholarships to pay for college?
Senior Bulletin- Scholarships from Community are posted on the Counseling Website/Senior Bulletin- updated often!
If application says TCHS can only nominate one student- tell your counselor if you want to be considered.
Look at our Scholarship Page AND
Look at Colleges Scholarship Pages- They all have them!
Keep your eyes open- opportunities are everywhere-
Target, KY Farm Bureau, Church, Bluegrass Comm. Foundation
Do some web searches through SAFE websites.
Do not give money to apply for a scholarship or share protected info such as your social OR bank account info
December 1st
is deadline to apply to
if you want to be considered for
any scholarship money.
A transcript is a record of every class you have taken in high school and the grade you made in that class.

ACT and SAT scores will be on your transcript.

How Do I Obtain a Transcript??

Transcripts are sent to colleges through the online Parchment system located on our TCHS homepage.
Students create an account, select the colleges, and Parchment sends it to the college for FREE!
What To Avoid:


What to Know:

It is your responsibility to:

Know Deadlines
Know Requirements
Send your Transcript through Parchment
Send your ACT score through act.org
Full transcript