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Picture It - Photography Business

We'll help you relive your special moments

Camille Reyes

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Picture It - Photography Business

Picture It .co Camille and Ellejae Introduction Here at the "Picture It" photography business
we dedicate our time and effort to please all our customers. We offer a wide selection of photos we can take for you. Staff Co-Presidents Editor Photographer Who produces goods and services? Services are performed by employees of the "Picture It" company.
Each employee is skilled and trained in the arts and properly educated to be fit for their position. How are goods and services produced? Employees will have their customer's photos taken at a Picture It location. Another option would be to have a customer contact the photography business and have someone who works at Picture It to drive to where the picture needs to be taken. All materials used to produce pictures are made from eco-friendly products; Pictures are manually made. For whom are goods and services produced? We will provide our service to anyone and for most occasions. If you are under the age of 18, you must have an adult to consult with us. LABOUR RESOURCES We hire trained professionals who have been well taught and educated in the arts. We need workers who can work well with technology and editing including computers and cameras. Our company provides a photography service for almost any occasion including the following:
School photos
Family photos
And so much more! What goods and services are produced? The Five Economic Questions How are goods and services distributed? Our business would be advertised through commercial. Customers can visit our store in all locations or use the other option of calling us at 1-800-123-4568 and we will drive to where the picture needs to be taken. The Four Economic Resources The Picture It business will need capital goods such as delivery trucks to carry workers and equipment from a store to a location where people requested for photos to be taken.
We will be using public investments from the money our company earns from doing business. CAPITAL RESOURCES LAND
Large areas of land will be needed to provide property space for our different stores.
Lumber, aluminum, copper, silver, gold, plastic, and glass will be needed to produce pictures.
We use electricity from solar, wind and hydroelectric energy to power our equipment such as cameras, lighting, and computers. ENTREPRENEURSHIP Camille and Ellejae the entrepreneurs
of the Picture It photography business recognize that nowadays taking pictures is a very popular thing. We have cameras on phones, mp3s, computers, and tablets. Social networking sites focus on pictures. This business will give customers great photos that people can share and cherish for the rest of their lives.
More customers buying our services create more capital which can lead us into buying better equipment and more land for more or larger businesses, and also enlarge our labour and staff resources. Solar Power Hydroelectric Power Wind Power Cameras Lenses Lighting Picture It Advertisement Edited by Harriet Devine (Ellejae) Here is one of Harriet's Editing! Computers Photos Taken by Gurtrude Herself Gurtrude Harriet Ellejae & Camille (Camille) Our latest photo shoot with 1D for Vogue Magazine Photoshoot with Justin Bieber
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