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Donald Hings

No description

Fahmeeda Murtaza

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Donald Hings

The Canadian behind the Walkie-Talkie Donald Hings History "Walkie-Talkie" Donald Hings was born in England and immigrated to Alberta in his childhood. He later moved to British Columbia in his mid teens. Through, much trial and error, Hings managed to create a portable two-way voice radio which he called the "Packset" The First Step to Success Hings then traveled to the Canadian Militia Office in Ottawa, to offer them his product. A Defeat into an Opportunity The Toronto factory, CM&S Corporation. that first built the "Packsets" during the war, was bought by the Motorola Corporation in 1954. These Walkie-Talkies are now used in many places such as by the Canadian Marine Forces as well as the Police Force “So what does this do?” asked the news reporter in the 1946 CBC Special Viewtime.

“Well,” Hings replied, “you can walk with this while you talk” He developed an interest in telecommunications and took a two-year course in wireless communications where he gained proficiency in the field. He became a Forestry Foreman for the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company (now, COMNICO) He was assigned to enhance the two-way voice radio for the company's mineral exploration The "Packset" was water resistant, could float, featured a folding antenna, was painted a bright yellow for quick recovery, and had a 130-mile range. With the help of the "Packset", the company was now able to keep track of its mineral findings as well as provide help during emergencies With further modifications to his design, Hings traveled to Spokane, Washington to register his "Packset" to a patent legal firm With a refusal, Hings returned to Canada, where he came across the morning headlines... They found potential in the product and Hings worked with the National Research Council to modify the "Packset" to include a speech scrambler, a noise filter, a voice magnifier and improved earphones. Through much testing, the "Packset was made powerful and durable enough to be used in battle. Soon over 19,000 "Packsets" were ordered for the battlefield overseas. Thousands of lives of Canadian and Allied Troops were saved as a direct result of the "Packset" Today, Motorola is the largest producer and manufacturer of the Walkie-Talkie, making over 60, 000 a year! The production of these walkie-talkies bring almost $1 million in the economic cycle The name “Walkie-Talkie” was given to Donald Hings’ ground breaking invention, the "Packset"
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