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How To Use A Microwave:

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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How To Use A Microwave:

How To Use A Microwave:
Step 1: Open the microwave door by pulling the handle
Here a person is opening the microwave door by pulling on the handle with a firm grip because sometimes the doors are a little “sticky” or get stuck. Just give the door a good tug. An example of this is opening a cabinet door, you have to pull on the handle and it opens.
Step 2: Now place your food in the microwave
Here a person is placing the food (with both hands to prevent spilling) in the microwave on the turning plate or what looks like a rack in this photo. An example of this would be putting a dish away in the cabinet.
Step 3: Then, close the door
Here a person has their hand firmly on the door and is pushing it shut. When doing this, think of just closing a regular door that separates rooms. You push and then it clicks in place.
Step 4: Next, set the time that you want your food to cook by pressing “time cook” and then pressing the number buttons until you reach the desired time. For example, if you want to cook your food item for one minute and thirty seconds, press “time cook” then “1, 3, 0”.
This is photo of a keypad. It should be on the front of the microwave either on the left or right side.
Step 5: Once you have put the desired time in, press start.
This is a photo of where the start button is located. An example of this is on new cars, to start them, you just push a button and the engine “fires up” or starts. Another example of this is setting a timer. You put the time in that you want to have until it goes off. You would then hit start button to begin the countdown.
Step 6: Finally, once the microwave beeps signaling it’s done, open the door again and take your food out. Enjoy!
Here someone is taking their cooked meal or snack out of the microwave after it has beeped. An example of doing something similar to this is taking a plate of the cabinet or dishwasher.
For more information visit: www.microwave.how-to-use.jessica-g.com
By: Jessica Grant
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