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Is the Grass Greener?

No description

ash trash

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Is the Grass Greener?

By: Ashley Duong and Alinee Nguyen Is the Grass Always Greener On the Other Side?!? News in the Sky-
Focus on the Hondurans News in the Sky-
Ashley Kamabooboo 75% of the population in Honduras is rural. 63% is in extreme poverty, and 25% is urban. In the year 1998, Hurricane Mitch struck the country and caused lots of damage. This is one reason why many of Hondurans have decided to move to the US. Today, two girls from Honduras, Tegucigalpa , Ashley and Biblu Kamabooboo, who lost everything due to Hurricane Mitch are here with us to talk about their lives after they've moved to the US. Ashley and Biblu moved to the US after Hurricane Mitch hit. But the hurricane caused $3.8 billion dollars in damage and there's as much poverty as it gets, so the girls immigrated. Ashley moved to Texas and Biblu moved to New York because they heard that the US had a better economy and good lifestyle. They both had in mind a much better life, which states the the question everybody has been asking, is the grass always greener on the other side? Kamabooboo moved to Houston, Texas. She lives in an apartment in the city. She currently has a well-paying job(as an accountant). She receives good income and plans on visiting her sister in New York one day with the money she has earned. For her, life is great. But is it the same for her sister, Biblu? News in the Sky-
To the US!!!! News in the Sky-
Biblu Kamabooboo News in the Sky-
Interview with Ashley Kamabooboo Biblu moved to New York. She too lives in an apartment in the city. Although her lifestyle isn't different from Ashley`s, Biblu's job isn't well paying. She doesn't receive good income, but wants to make everything good for when her sister comes. Life isn't very good for her. Q: What made you want to live in Texas? A: "My friends have visited Texas and they said life there is great." Q: What made you want to leave your home of Tegucigalpa? A: "There was a hurricane (Mitch) and it ruined everything. Almost all the people are in poverty as well. The per capita income was depressingly low." Q: Did you want your sister to live with you in Texas? A: "I really don`t know how to answer that. I love my sister but, she has a life too, ya know?" Q: What did you do in Tegucigalpa that made you think that there was something better? A: "I worked as a banana farmer, but as you know, Hurricane Mitch wiped out all of my beloved bananas. And my sister worked as a coffee farmer. You ever ask yourself, is there something better? Well, that was us. And sure enough, there was." Q: Do you ever want to go back to Honduras? A:"Of course! I want to see my family. They are very special to me. Q: Do you see yourself having a future here? A:"Well, I have a good life now, so I'll just keep on doing what I do and it will be good for the future. News in the Sky-
Interview with Biblu Kamabooboo Q: What made you want to live in New York? Q: What made you want to leave your home of Tegucigalpa? Q: Did you want your sister to live with you in New York? Q: What did you do in Tegucigalpa that made you think that there was something better? Q: Do you ever want to go back to Honduras? Q: What do you predict for your life in the future here? Say, 20 years? News in the Sky-
Honduras Push Factors Hurricane Mitch destroyed crops Not many have clean water Low Per Capita Income Slash and burn Not very clean Air News in the Sky-
Pull Factors of the US 6th highest Per Capita Income in the world 99% Literacy Rate Had the highest intention homicide rate in 2010 and 2011 2nd Largest Economy Free enterprise Economy B: "I`ve heard that New York is where your dreams come true." B: "The hurricane." B: "Excuse me? What did you just say? I moved to a city across the country for a reason!" B: "There is always something better for Biblu Kamabooboo." B: "When the damage is done, and when I have enough money, I will come back, but only visit!" B: "I see this... News in the Sky-
Environment The urban areas of New York and Houston are crowded. New York does not have much space, plus a lot of people live in the city. The city is becoming overpopulated. Houston is big, but not as overpopulated as New York. In New York, there is a lot of traffic, and that leads to air pollution.
Houston has very hot weather, as it is part of Texas.
Both are capable of having hurricanes (mostly Houston and everyone knows about Sandy), but these two won't let that stop them! High unemployment News in the Sky-
Summary In the end, Ashley and Biblu are enjoying their lives in the US, a much better place for them than Honduras. Hurricane Mitch, a poor economy and a rural life drove these sisters away from their home. After being accepted to the US, they split up. At first, everything was not going well for both Biblu and Ashley. They adjusted to the different, but potential lifestyle and now, both are living decent lives.
So, is the grass greener on the other side? The answer is yes, but sometimes, let the grass grow greener. But life-wise, I think I can
manage just fine! My life
will only get better!" News in the Sky-
Credits http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honduras http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Mitch CIA World Factbook http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States Photos from Google Images Thank you to Mrs. Jay! Thank you for reading News in the Sky! (Yes, this was a newspaper-and interview, if you want-, but a futuristic one!) K, bye.
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