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stress presentation

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angel mae nicodemus`

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of stress presentation

Physical Effects
Mental Effects
Social Effects
Centre for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CFCBT)
is a
Profit based- private agency
treatment and training clinic who utilize the most advanced treatment available to alleviate symptoms (anxiety, depression etc.) that interfere with a person's functioning and well-being.
It treat conditions such as:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Work Stress
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Services offered:
Individual therapy
helps client to:
identify and change problematic belief
develop skills that can be used in real world situation
prepare for setbacks and relapses
Includes testing for
Academic/ intelligence
Behavioral/emotional Assessment
Attention deficit/Hyperactivity disorder
Personality/ career assessment
Services offered con't:
"Fright Night"
It is an evening session where clients come in to practice being afraid" with other client
The Beck Diet Solution
Challenge problematic thoughts that undermine clients efforts to improve their health (e.g. stress).
“Stress arises when individuals perceive that they cannot adequately cope with the demands being made on them or with threats to their well-being.”
Lazarus, R.S. (1966).
Services offered con't:
"For women only"
provides professional help and expert
treatment to women who are experiencing
sexual problems.
"For men only"
professional service to help
men to overcome dating
anxiety using through
exposure based interventions.
What is Stress?
Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Able group or individuals, men and women, who have low mastery over their beliefs, attitudes, and predictions.
-is a local based agency located in 201 Serenity, 10059-118th Street
Edmonton, AB
Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy
They attend several North American conferences each year to keep current with research in the areas in which they specialize.
Their lead Psychologists have over fifty years combined clinical and counseling experience.
Research has demonstrated that CBT is as effective as medication in the treatment of mood, stress and anxiety disorders without the negative side-effects.
They receive referrals from numerous sources and are the preferred providers for a number of organizations
Professional fee = $ 180/ 50 minute session
Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Weakness and Limitations
Alberta Health Care does not provide coverage for psychological services, however....
The complete therapeutic process takes about 8 to 15 sessions, which is very costly if per session cost $180.00 each.
CFCBT can be improved by reducing their professional fees so that more people can avail the cognitive behavioral therapy.

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy offered by CFCBT have three principles:
1. The way you think directly affects how you feel and act
2. Most negative feelings come from illogical or “distorted” thinking
3. You can change the way you feel and act by changing the way you think
Centre for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy positive effects on stress
CFCBT utilizes cognitive strategies to modify distorted thinking which can result in emotional relief and more productive and adaptive coping behaviors.
Without Cognitive behavioral therapy most people will be dependent on drugs to relieve stress causing anxieties.
Critique of Centre for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Critique of Centre for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
what they should do to be better?
reduce their fees and maximize interventions per session, they could attract more prospective clients who need professional help.
establish outreach program for the middle or lower class citizens’ who are living in a highly stressed community within Edmonton
What they did well?
CBT deals with your current problems, rather than focusing on issues from your past. It looks for practical ways to improve your state of mind on a daily basis. (NHS, 2014)
Photo source: http://hawaiicenterforpsychology.com/individual-therapy/
Photo source: www.cfcbt.ca
photo source: www.google.com
Photo source: http://www.positivepeople.info/
-Altering Customary Cognitive Behaviors
Numerous studies indicates that

people who gets more social support are in better health than those with fewer supportive contacts.

According to Pender et. al (2002),
serious stress from living under conditions of continuing violence, living in disintegrated neighborhoods, and homelessness can be damaging especially for young people

(as cited in Potter & Perry, 2014)
Photo source: http://www.bpvav.com/childabuse.htm
Social effects con't:
people who are shy and awkward when they have to meet other people are more likely to suffer high blood pressure
regulating impressions of other people is much more demanding on us than we were ever aware of.
Stress and the Six Dimension of Wellness
Photo source: http://www.nationalwellness.org/?page=Six_Dimensions
Photo source: http://rap.genius.com/2230187/J-alvarez-hablame-de-ti/Ya-tu-cara-no-refleja-esa-sonrisa-que-se-te-veia-cuando-yo-llegaba-aunque-dias-me-demoraba
Physical Effects
Physical activity is beneficial for lowering stress in a persons’ life.
trained individuals exhibit lower sympathetic nervous system reactivity and enhanced cardiovascular efficiency
in response to physical and/or psychological stress.
Photo source: http://pinkhope.org.au/the-benefits-of-exercise/#.VF7AQPnF8gI
Physical Effects con't:
• Several studies have shown that
chronic stress exerts a general immunosuppressive effect that suppresses the body’s ability to initiate an efficient immune reaction.
Photo source: http://www.soompi.com/2014/01/17/recap-love-and-murder-strike-again-in-man-from-the-stars/
Chronic stress causes more myelin-producing cells and fewer neurons
which disrupts the balance in the brain, causing more rapid responses to fear or the ability to calm down and shut off the stress response is impaired.
Photo source: http://www.gizmag.com/uppsala-sweden-psychology-study-erasing-fear/24438/
Mental Effects con't:
Emotional Effects
Occupational Effects
Emotional stress is a major contributing factor to the six leading causes of death in the North America:
coronary heart disease
accidental injuries
respiratory disorders
cirrhosis of the liver
Photo source:http://www.soompi.com/2014/01/17/recap-love-and-murder-strike-again-in-man-from-the-stars/
Epidemiological Affects
statistical evidence
According to WHO,
work-related stress is the most common stress
. About
of the highly stressed workers identify work as the main source of stress.
The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States estimates that
stress account about 75% of all doctors visit
75% of Canadians feel stressed out at least once a month, and 43% report feeling "really stressed" a few times a week,
according to Canadian Mental Health Association
National average of stress was 22.7% while Quebec was at 26.4%.
Intellectual Effects
Statistical Evidence con't:
Females are more likely to be stressed
than males.
• According to American Psychological Association,
women are more likely to report stress than men (28% vs 20%)

when compared on the 10 point scale.

Almost half of all women (49%) said that their stress has increased over the past 5 years,
compared to four in 10 (39%) men.

• Women are more likely to report that
money and economy are sources of stress (79% vs 73%).

Demographics: Race
Africans and Asians reported higher level of
stress than Caucasian.
Stress variation among the Asian subgroups:
Chinese as the highest
Vietnamese were intermediate
Korean reported lowest.
Africans that are at the low end
of the economic spectrum,
report life to be stressful
than Caucasians that are at the
high end of economic spectrum
(Williams, 2000).
Stress effects on the Community
According to APA, stress effects society by:

lowering the education quality
poor health and poverty
affects the physical health and psychological well-being of workers
affects the quality of the relationships between the individual
decrease in job opportunities
(Cutrona, 2006)
Financial cost burden of stress

Changing lifestyle is the big part to avoid health care costs.
That change can be as small as exercising few minutes a day and enjoy a healthy diet to relieve stress.
Stress can lead to increase health care cost if related health problems becomes more prevalent. Good thing it can be prevented by exercise.

Financial cost burden of
stress con't:

Stress can cause people to misswork.
This can create a burden for employers in the health care costs periods of disability, absenteeism, job turnover and poor productivity.
Job stress cost health care system more than $300 billion a year in health costs.

Description of Agency
Hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding leads to damage or loss of property and even death or injury of loved ones, can have a variety of psychological impacts on communities and individuals (e.g.) such as:
sleep difficulties
social avoidance
drug or alcohol abuse.
Photo source: http://www.tikkun.org/tikkundaily/author/davebelden/page/16/
Emotional Effects con't:
• Many psychiatric disorders, such as depressive or anxiety disorders, are characterized by a failure of emotion regulation and disturbed emotional memory.
Negative stress may lead to:
inability to cope
learn or advance
one may feel trapped and tension
Positive stress may come from formal education and informal life experiences.
Intellectual Effects con't:
Positive stress develops a person's ability to:
have an open mind for new ideas, and experiences
improve skills
seek challenges
to have a desire to learn new concepts
It also helps motivate and push us to reach our potential. Stress helps us recognize our limits and learn to accept it.
Negative stress could be from:
excessive amount of workload
inability to prioritize and organize work
time pressure in meeting deadlines or trying to accomplish certain duties or instruction being delegated.
One’s decision of occupation, career, work, job, ambitions and personal performance, are crucial elements in society which are positive stressors that as a whole leads to occupational wellness that is determined by the ability to obtain personal fulfillment from our chosen career fields while still maintaining balance in one’s life.
These can also lead to physical, mental, and emotion stress.
Occupational Effects con't:
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