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Pictoral Input Chart

No description

Damian Mendez

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Pictoral Input Chart

Effects on Civilization.
Geological Events Expert Group 2 Volcanoes Pictorial Input Chart
Scientific Monitoring # warning
Volcano are awesome because they made us human live but its dangerous because when they erupt tey throw out gas and lava flows
Definition and Cause
Interesting Facts
A volcano is an opening in the surface of a planet or crust and it enables hot magma,
The flow of heat Earth's interior ,which causes
volcanic action,is high boundaries of the lithosphere

*The Ring of Fire which is located in the Pacific Ocean
*An example of volcano is that Mahayana and mt st Helen.
*The location of volcanoes are split into 3 groups:rift volcanoes,subduction,and hot spot volcanoes.
*95% of the volcanoes happen in the Ring of Fire.

One interesting fact is that the name volcano is a ancient Roman name it is for burning mountain of fire/flames and it is a blacksmith for the gods and goddess.
Location and example
The conclusion is that volcano.
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