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User's Manual For Giselle La Hoz

No description

Giselle La Hoz

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of User's Manual For Giselle La Hoz

User's Manual For Giselle La Hoz
Description of the Product
Giselle's Famile
Working Conditions
If you were to look at me, you'd see brown hair and brown eyes. You'd see that I'm average height, even though others may think I'm on the taller side. I have shoulder length and have really small hands. On those days that my contacts don't want to cooperate with me, you'll see me with huge cat's eye glasses. I'm on the paler side; however, if you see me after the beach, I'm darker than my dad, which is saying something. When I smile, my eyes tend to go Asian on me, especially in pictures. A day with me is a day filled with dozens of weird faces reacting to different events, or just made for the kicks.
The Positive Aspects of Giselle
I like to think of myself as an honest person. Brutally honest at some points. Honesty is something that I value in a person, so it's important to me to tell people the truth. It's better than saying a comforting lie. I push myself to be a hard-working person because I have such a drive to not fail in any part of my life. School helps me in challenging myself to succeed in any assignment that I do. I acknowledge the fact that I am a very sensitive person, but don't allow people to see that. Because of this, I've set myself to be a very kind person. I try my hardest to not be mean or hurt anyone's feelings intentionally, because I know that I myself would not take it very well. Even if I'm not very fond of someone in my class, I know that they're a human being that deserves to have someone to be nice to them. I often tell myself that I'm a funny person, but mostly it's just me spewing odd things from my mouth and doing things that some might find really humiliating. I just think that if you can't make a person laugh, then you're doing something wrongt with your life.
My Mother
My mother tends to be the one that bosses everyone around, in an easy going way. She cares a lot about how our days went, and finds sit down, family dinners very important. My mom is not the type to want to stay home on the weekends. She likes going out, and having fun, either with us or with her usual group of friends. She enjoys taking care of us whether it be about our daily lives, or our health. She's the worrier and makes sure we have everything we need.
My Dad
My dad is the funny one. It's not uncommon for him to yell at me to go to his room, saying its urgent. When I get there, his emergency was a video that he found funny, which wasn't to anyone else. He'll get back from work and have a boatload of corny, cheesy, punny jokes that he dies of laughter from in the middle of telling them. He's the one in the family that will lecture you on and on about life lessons and walk up in front of you, pause, and break out into some random dance. Both my mom and dad watch out for me, my brother, and my sister, and anyone can see that they love us very much and will do a lot to make us happy.
My Brother
I think I'm most like my brother in a lot of ways. We're both procrastinators, he being more of the wait until midnight type of person, and me just pushing an assignment back until the last day. We're both responsible and we're both nice people. We're both quirky and have the same sense of humor. Diego loves watching sports, especially basketball and football. He's going to college for sports management and journalism.
My Sister
My sister is really driven and takes her responsibilities very serious. She's one of the most creative people I've ever met, making her a perfect example of an RA. She spends hours thinking of different ideas to use as decorations for her assigned hallway in UF. Nicole also has a similar sense of humor to the rest of my family. She's very independent and very headstrong, so from time to time she can butt heads with my mom and the rest of my family.
The Best Environment
In order to study, I usually have to go to my room and be in a quiet place. Anything will distract me and will cause me to not be motivated to do my work, noises especially. I can't leave the TV on because I know a minute break of watching a show will turn into an hour.
Teaching Styles
I'm not very picky when it comes to teaching styles. I learn in all different kinds of ways, as long as I'm not bored, or being taught straight from reading a textbook. I'll absorb information from lectures, or from seminars. I enjoy doing activities that have relevance to what we're doing in the classroom. I like taking quizzes because then I know what to expect from tests.
I'm a very self-motivated person. I know when I have to get things done, and don't do well under pressure. I feel more at ease when I have my grades where I want them to be. Occasionally, I'll need a little push because I can get lazy because of stress; however, I don't like being told outright what to do. It's a pet peeve of mine when people boss me around and don't ask me to do things in a polite way. I push myself to do things on my own and do not like asking for help, especially when people insist on doing things for me.
Causes of Breakdowns
My sensitivity causes most of my breakdowns. I often get my feelings hurt really easily, most of the time by things said to me that I know were not intentional. My self-image issues and low self esteem cause me to not feel good about myself most of the time, and constantly makes me feel inferior to others. I find myself really considerate towards other people, but the feeling is not reciprocated to me by others, which makes me sad. I've struggled with depression for a while now which is a constant battle for me.
How to Fix my Faults
I don't enjoy feeling helpless, so I've reached out to get help and believe that I'm a much better version of myself now. I realize that it's not normal to feel like trapped by your own body and feel like you're drowning. I've been taking medication for my anxiety and self image issues. I've been working on myself and how to ignore negative comments that I make to myself or from others. When I'm upset, I don't rely on other people to help me out of the rut that I'm in. I automatically assume that people don't care about my feelings, so I suppose someone would have to show that they care about me if I'm upset. In difficult times, I would not listen to anyone, but now I listen to my parents because I know that they care about me and love me and have become much closer to them. I've been trying to take everything day by day and formulating a more positive outlook on life so that in the future I won't have to live like I used to.
Favorites and Fears
My favorite activities in my English classes have been writing. I find it hard to write in the classroom; however, if I took a prompt home, I wouldn't mind dedicating my time to it. I enjoyed reading dynamic books like Unwind, or Julius Caesar. I love reading in general, but there's always a fear that we would be assigned to read a boring book in English class. I hope to write essays this year that would stimulate my writing abilities more, especially since I'm the copy editor of yearbook this year. I hope we read more books that are entertaining. I also hope that I get to know everyone in my class and have some sort of friendship established with them. I fear that I may be overwhelmed with work, I may not do well in projects and tests, or I won't manage my time well, but I'm determined to not let any of this happen.
Purpose of Life
I find many things important in life. Success is important, but there's no point in having it unless you have family or friends to share it with. Laughter and humor is important in life, because they provide a moment of happiness. Kindness and love are important. Religion is an important aspect in my life. I believe in God and I believe that my family and friends are an anchor that keep my feet on the ground. I see politics as something that divides individuals and causes many arguments. I think charity and helping others is important in life, for giving back is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. I want to do something that helps people, to have a career that makes people's lives better in some sort of way, because at the end of the day, I can go home feeling good about myself.
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