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Full service for your online business

David Pinczes

on 8 October 2010

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Transcript of HP.com

What can we do for you? Contact
HP.com: Submit a SPRInt ticket:
www.hp.com/go/2sprint More info:
Creative Portfolio: http://blogs.hp.com/portfolio/ Online campaigns Campaign microsites
Promotional Ad-landing pages
Event Registration pages (using hp.com’s Event Calendar) Local Campaigns
WW Campaigns
Multilayered pages
Translation and localization Mobile friendly pages Creative Services Banners Project Management Web Development Customer Data Collection (Lead Generation) Web Traffic Reports Social Media campaigns Advice & Support HP.com
As a supplement to normal ad-landing pages
Using HP’s brand-new CleanSheet design Campaign creative ideas and consultancy
Animation (Flash)
Interactive pages, presentations & functionalities
Image Editing Banner creation / publishing
(for external or hp.com internal usage) General coordination
Consulting (reporting, visibility strategy, etc.)
Development resource acquiring (internal/external)
Quoting, estimations, project finance
Coordinating developers
Technical Q/A
Coordinate content review with local marketing (if requested)
Translation / localization process
... Development of customized functionalities for your websites and promotions:
widgets, tools, apps
content based RSS feeds
dynamic content features
online calculators
etc. Registration forms
Quiz games
Customer file upload options
Newsletter/Communication opt-in
Registrations for access to downloads Marketing effectiveness reports of your web campaigns and other web activities Creating FaceBook pages
using HP’s official template) We strive to be a single point of contact providing instant service, advice and support. 1. Online Campaigns
2. Mobile Friendly Pages
3. Social Media Campaigns
4. Creative Services
5. Banners
6. Web Development
7. Customer Data Collection
8. Web Traffic Reports
9. Project Management
10. Advice & Support Via collaboration with IT, HP.com organizations, agencies and business stakeholders we have a unique insight in ‘how things are done’ in HP.
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