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Copy of Seventh Grade by Gary Soto

Students will hit many common core standards while reading this short story.

Julie Allen

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Seventh Grade by Gary Soto

Common Core Standards:
Reading Literature:
Analyze Plot
Events - 7.3.2a
POV (first person) 7.3.5

character's thoughts, words, actions - 7.3.3a

Narrator's description - 7.3.3b

Word Choice -
Figurative meanings
CC.7.RL.4 Getting Started:
"Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto

This is a narrative. What is a narrative?
Does it have to be fiction or nonfiction? What are the 6 points of a short story?
1. Characters -
2. Setting -
3. Point of View -
4. Plot -
5. Conflict -
6. Theme - A narrative can be fiction or nonfiction and has story elements. The purpose of a narrative story is to inform and to entertain. Seventh Grade is a narrative. What do you think this narrative might be about?


Look at the title and make a guess. Listen and Read the story together as a class.
Fill in each part of the Short Story Elements worksheet. 1. Characters:
2. Setting:
3. Point of view:
4. Plot:
5. Conflict:
6. Theme: Vocabulary words to know....

A hard serious look on your face.

trudge: to walk slowly He propels the frisbee! propel: to move forward elective: A class you get to pick. Her elective was mechanics! conviction: say with confidence He spoke with conviction! linger: to hang around The kids lingered in the park. This boy is scowling! The donkey trudges through the mountains! sheepishly: shy sprint: to run quickly She sheepishly peeked out! The cheetah sprinted after his prey! portly: heavy or fat This short story's setting is Fresno, California.

The author, Gary Soto grew up in Fresno, California. A large number of Latinos, whose families are originally from Spanish speaking countries, are employed in Fresno's vineyards.

As a child Gary Soto didn't think he was going to be a writer. Background information: Comprehension:
1. What was the main reason Victor wants to take French?
2.How does Victor react to Teresa talking to him after homeroom?
3.Compare and contrast Michael's and Victor's way of impressing the girls?
4.When the teacher figures out that Victor really doesn't know French, why doesn't he say anything? Idioms:

Victor finds himself between a hard spot and a rock!

Victor had a frog in his throat when he tried to talk to Teresa!

Victor turns to butter when he sees Teresa.

Write these in your journal and explain what they mean. 6.
What point of view is this story??? 3.
What is the THEME?? 4.
How does Teresa influence Victor's actions and thoughts?

How does Micheal influence Victor's actions and thoughts? 1. Narrative:

2.Who was speaking?

How do you know? 5. The author believes Mr. Bueller was ____________________ because ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ . 7. How do we know Victor likes Teresa? In the story what does Victor do to let us know he loves Teresa?

8. What idioms are used in paragraph 3: Another enjoyable narrative: We will fill in our story map as we listen to the narrative. The pig has a portly figure.
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