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The Essence of Maoism

Hum 295

Frances Ho

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of The Essence of Maoism

The Essence of Maoism

Proletariate Uprising!

Down with the Bourgeoisie!

The Influences
1. Treaty of Versailles -> Anti-Imperialism

2. Social Conservatism -> Iconoclasts
Mao's Beliefs
-principal factor = human consciousness

-a unified people

- individualistic morality

- Guerrilla Warfare

- nationalism
"Without contradiction, nothing would exist"

relations of production
v.s concrete development of production
1. Economy
2. Scientific Knowledge
3. Politics
Who was Mao Ze Dong?

a. Savior

b. Greedy dictator

Ended with Deng Xiaoping
Modern Chinese Intellect + Marx
Mao focuses on the agrarian culture
The Great Leap Forward
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