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TCL Social Media Playbook, Sept. 2012

Social media is here to stay. How do we (TCL) ensure that we use it effectively and remain relevant?

Hope Chalmers

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of TCL Social Media Playbook, Sept. 2012

Sept. 2012 TCL Social Media Proposal A 2011 study shows that 1 in every 13 people in the world have a Facebook account and 48% of 18-34 year-olds check Facebook before even getting out of bed in the morning. In an average 20 minutes on Facebook 1 million links are shared, there are 1.8 million status updates and 2.7 million photo uploads. A shocking 57% of people talk to each other more online than they do in real life. Brian Solis, a principal at the Altimeter Group states that over 1 million Twitter accounts are created and 250 million tweets are sent out in the average day. 90% of "Chapelites" have
a Facebook account. Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, blogs and YouTube were the top five social media tools used by
marketers, in that order. - Harvey MacKay If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. GOAL
Bring 1/3 (1,066) of non-attending
or sporadically attending
TCLers back to worship regularly by January 2014. Approximately 5,000 people call TCL their church home, YET only 1,800 come on to weekend services. PLAN:
Use 4 channels of social media to generate:
Proximity TACTICS:
Connect 4 channels to our TCL website
Position TCL as a resource
Seek to inspire
Incorporate calls of action
Provide a look behind the scenes
Refrain from shilling HEART:
Create a deeper sense of connection at TCL. Specifics
channel Facebook:

Switch from "hit & run" strategy to a thought out plan for each use. For example, we once would have simply posted a date for an upcoming Pie Eating Contest. With a plan, we will have a three pronged approach to promote events well:
Post event
Photos uploaded during event
Wrap up commentary Twitter:

With limited content space (140 characters), the challenge is to prompt dialogue (be witty or helpful) and tie it to graphic. For example, TCL will be closed today due to the 16 inches of snow that fell overnight and
the Furr family is
out sledding... Blog:

The idea is to give readers a window into our thinking, offer insight, and create a dialogue.
A few key points:
Write great headlines
Write like you talk
Listen to readers have to say
Share the responsibility to keep it fresh YouTube:

We can utilize this video format to entertain and educate. For example, we can record a two-minute clip of a CP promoting an upcoming leader training or the last 3 minutes of the pie eating contest. Twitter ideas:
Verse of the day
Upcoming events
Weather updates
Your favorite past event at TCL Facebook ideas:
God sightings
Serving Opportunities
Links (students, Biz directory, group leader resources, etc.)
Bookstore sales
Event promotion and updates during and after Tweets, cont.:
Ask a question pertaining to weekend message
Have you ever sought prayer up front after service? YouTube ideas:
CP gives date night tips
Clip of Re:discover worship night
Behind the scenes: Jail ministry
Oasis for Orphans fundraiser InBound Marketing Training - free social media certification consisting of 18 online sessions to increase knowledge and confidence. Send me to school 4 hours per week in order to leverage social media tools effectively for TCL. Exam completed by Jan. 2013 Measuring Success:
450 Twitter followers by January 2013
Double the amount of Facebook likes within 6 months
Increase blog comments by 50% by April 2013 To accept this proposal,
tweet me at @HopeChalmers TCL Demographics
Top 3 age groups:
40's = 27%
Unknowns = 25%
50's = 20% HootSuite will be utilized to manage the 4 media channels effectively Ideally we can determine why people aren't coming to service and draw them back through our doors . When we do that, we help them Re:Discover God. Ideas Blog ideas:
A peek behind staff
What spending the day with God looks like
Conflict resolution - 3 things you can try
Next Steps to a deeper relationship with God
Staff profile - I bet you didn't know... Ideas
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