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Igbo Culture and Justice Systems

No description

Camie E

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Igbo Culture and Justice Systems

Justice in "Things Fall Apart"
Ikemefuna was given by another village as a sacrafice to prevent war between the two villages.
The elders of Okonkwo's village, decide to have Ikemefuna killed.
Okonkwo's gun accidentally fired at someone and killed them, thus, he and his family were exiled for seven years.
Justice can be seen as apart of a legal system. Here in America, we have a Judicial Branch to deal with problems and bring justice. In the Igbo culture, their might not be officials to solve such problems, but they still have ways to solve them. In "Things Fall Apart," justice is served in a bizarre way.
Juctice in Ibo Culture
The role of judges are played by the
who are citizens of that village wearing masks. The masks represent ancestral spirits. If the case warrants punishment, then it would be a public one, usually carried out by the citizens.
Igbo Justice Compared to America
American Justice System has different-
We have rules and regulations, voted in officials, prison intead of public punishment.

Level 3 Question
Work Cited
The book; "
Things Fall Apart
" By
Chinua Achebe.

Igbo Culture and Justice System
Camron Emerson, Dylan Chapman, and Drake Neal

Igbo and America share in common-
We both have court like systems, and people who decide our fate.
1. Pretend you are at one of the court hearings, how would you visualize it?
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