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No description

kenny james

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of kjkjkj

The elctronics are much better now because
internet has got better. computers have much better
soft ware
computers have got to be portable
and smaller. memory stickes and computer
hard drives are much bigger and faster. the internet makes it easy to connect
with friends but when are parents
were in school they would not have been
able to do this how is the world different
with internet? internet has become
one of the most entertaining
things to teens.
if you are not using the internet
for a day it is hard to entertain
yourself. this shows how much of
an effect it has on young kids. how have things changed in the past
10 years due to the digital and internet
world. are changes in the internet world
a positive or a change? some are good because the internet
can help for school and such. a negitive about the internet is that
it is all teens do now so they are not
getting as much excirsize. where do i think these changes
are going? i think later on in the world electronics
will be all people use and they wont use
paper and pens any more.
i think that much more will be accomplished
with these computers. what has changed since our parents
were in school? we use computers alot now and internet is
faster it is easy to get your work to the teacher
because of e-mail we type most of our work now.
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