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Portfolios: one of the many types of methods teachers can use while assessing their students' progress.

Jennifer Fenton

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Portfolios

Portfolios By: Jennifer Fenton
& Robert McKenzie Definition: Collections that document the literary
development of a student and includes
evidence of a students work in various stages. Digital Portfolio:
Multimedia collections of students
work stored and reviewed in digital format. Four main goals! 1. Taking risks
2. Taking responsibility for learning
3. Making decisions about how and what to learn
4. Feeling in control using the language arts to learn Every portfolio is unique
--Child created
Varied types of work
Work in progress (focus not on product)
Best work selected by the student
Student self-reflection
List of books read, updated regularly
Collaborative decision making between teacher and student
Introduce notion of portfolios
Explain your model for assessment
Decide what types of items will be included and how they will be selected for inclusion
Communicate clear expectations
Include a self-evaluation rubric
Develop possible contributions * Teacher Tips *
Offer guidance
Coach and consult
Be responsive and constructive
Be respectful and instructive
Help focus
Point to what is well-done
Resist taking over the project
Exercise professional judgment on how best to respond
Invite students to share how they think and how they feel
Build on what students have done
Listen carefully to students' perception of their achievements
Limit the number of goals set mutually by teacher and students
Concentrate on the strategies and process rather than the product Essential Elements Implementing Portfolios Conferencing
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