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What are the characteristics of a great place to work?

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Transcript of What are the characteristics of a great place to work?

Concept from the employee.
Built day by day through the relations between partners and leaders, not through a checklist of policies and practices.
Concept from the employer
These are some of the companies that are a good place to work
John Deere
The Devil Wears Prada
(Merly Streep)
-Built day by day through the relations between partners and leaders, not through a checklist of policies and practices"

"The workers consider it an excellent place to work because people working; they feel pride in what they do; and enjoy the people they are working with".

Excellent working environment, which is generated by the leaders.
Multiplies the success of the profits and investments that the leaders do.

The company has a certain uniqueness that distinguishes it from all the others.

Focuses on the integration to the cultural events of the region in which it is established.
What are the characteristics of a great place to work?

The collaborators consider that a great place to work is where:

in the people they work for.
in what they do.
the people they are working with.
From the point of view of the leader, a great place to work is where:

It is achievig the objectives of the organization.
Where people
give the best thing of.

Working as a Team/Family
all in an atmosphere of
Why they have built a culture strong work that has generated extraordinary levels of satisfaction in both partners and customers.

It gives importance to generate an atmosphere of harmonious, respectful, diverse, equitable and inclusive
Seeks to go beyond through support of education for the improvement and development of people.

Social Inclusion throughout the communities throughout the territory of Mexico and allocating 2% of their income on actions of responsibility

The Foundation will work in six lines of action: formal education; entrepreneur; financial education; volunteering; help lonely and culture of donation
John Deere has never left behind or has forgotten the fundamental principles originals since its creation: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

John Deere, develops and crowns a career with the freedom to explore new projects, and the support to think with originality

Collect constantly the opinion of the employees to improve the policies and procedures, to keep firm in its position of leadership.
Employees have clear clear the purpose of the company which is kept as the leading magazine.

The company seeks to change an individual's capacity by making people work as a team.

The company is in search of innovation training to their employees, as it has very clear that employees can be a source of innovations.
What is a Great Place to Work?
Great Place to Work® Institute is a global company of research, consulting and training that helps organizations to identify, create and maintain excellent workplace through the development of cultures of high confidence. We work with companies, nonprofit organizations and governmental institutions in 45 countries around the world.
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