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Gas Station Loyalty Program

No description

Rayan Bou hamdan

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Gas Station Loyalty Program

Customer spending is 46% higher with companies that offer reward card programs. (Total Research Corp & Custom Marketing Corp’s Loyalty Monitor Study)

79 percent of Australians felt more or equally loyal to brands in the presence of effective loyalty programs, amidst the economic downturn, as did 73 percent of those in China, 69 percent in India and 59 percent in Japan. (Hilton Honors)

Barely half (52%) of UK consumers are members of a loyalty program. (Imperatives for Customer Loyalty Report)
US members of fuel convenience programs 51.2 million
While 57% of boardroom executives feel that customer retention will be more important in 2014 than in 2013, only 23% cited customer acquisition as their top priority (Ipsos MORI and The Logic Group)
Are you a company with a value filled loyalty program?
And Many Others...
Boxed System
Dirt and waterproof
Very easy to use
Connectivity capabilities
3 years guarantee
POS Superior
-Simple design and user interface
-Takes 1 min to record new clients
-Takes 5 min to pull out reports
-Takes less than 10 secs to
record transaction
Customer support & followup
Highest paying customers
Best prizes and benefits
Customer geographic location
Most visiting customers
Excellent brand exposure.
Club membership exclusivity experience.
24 hours roadside assistance.
Tied to the keychain.
At hand in the car all the time.
Viral long term marketing.
Easy System
Dear Customer, a transaction has been made on your card at 10:30am, Your current balance is 1200 turbo points
Can be used to support other services at the gas station.
Clients not active will receive monthly announced prizes.

Rollups and localized advertising boards.

Monthly campaigns and new prizes.

Viral marketing with key-chain card / wallet card.

Online marketing for monthly campaigns
via social media and newsletters.
On going support
1 year marketing plan execution, followup and design.
1 year free maintenance and monthly technical support.
A user friendly business website and campaign page.

Prizes will be listed on the website on regular basis.

Users can log in to check their points and fill-up history.
A mobile application for customer convenience.

Prizes will be listed on the mobile on regular basis.

Users can log in to check their points and fill-up history.
Digital media is the way to fight recession and bloom your business.

Business social media page and localized online marketing plan.
Social Media Page
A good company image and distinction value.

Marketing material and company portfolio.
Branding & Design
Collaboration with other businesses marketing strategies to bring super charged added value:
Hotels (weekend getaway)
Resorts (Vacation day)
Events (Concerts and Festivals)
Museums (art, science, history and technology)
Travel Agencies (Trips and programs)
Parks (Biking, camping and hiking)
Clubs (Nightlife and fitness)
Service Centers (car checkups and tuneups)
Car Dealers (discounts and offers)
The 3 tiers of clients with different benefits:
Individuals and families. (Fun and entertainment)
Small and medium businesses. (expenses management and trust)
Fleets and logistics. (cash-back and service reports)

Thank You!
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