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The record

No description

jacqueline carzoli

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of The record

The Record Player
What is your artifact?
This artifact was called the
phonograph but is now best
known as the record player.
The record player is now considered very antique they are not very often seen or used anymore. Record players were the start of being able to listen to music in other ways than it being live. From our prespective record players were a great invention.
The Original Inventor:
Thomas Edison was the original inventor of the phonograph, also know as the record player, in 1877. His record player both recorded and played music (sound).
His early record player was a hand-cranked
machine with a pin that read the grooves in the foil.
After that Emile Berliner came up with a
new idea that was known as the gramaphone
record then there was cassete playeres, cd players,
and mp3/4 players.

Purpose & How it Was Used Now & Then:
The purpose of this artifact was to listen to music that was recorded it was used to listen to records before and now too.

Some inovations of this product since the original invention are CDs, cassets , radios , & music players
Any Questions?
Nayeli Saucedo, Karla Zamora,
Jackie Carzoli, Brianna Carbajal
Thomas Edison
Positive: The record player has impacted society in a good way because it was the fist way to listen to music being recorded other than having to listen to it live in person.

Negative: The record player has impacted society in a negative way because of its innovations. A recent innovation is a music player that requires headphones. As far as this if you use headphones and the volume is up to high the loud sound damages your ears & this could lead to loss of hearing.
How has the record player impacted society?
Extra Information
*The recording played on such a device consist of wave forms that are engraved onto a rotating cylinder or disc,
*As the cylinder or disc rotates , a stylus or needle traces the wave forms and vibrates to reproduce the recorded sound waves .
*While other inventors had produced devices that could record sounds, Edison's phonograph was the first to be able to reproduce the record sounds.
*Alexander Graham Bells Volta laboratory made improvements in the 1800's, like the use of wax coated cardboard cylinders , a cutting stylus that moved from side to side like a "zigzag" pattern across the record.

Area of technology:
The record player is
classified as low technology.
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