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Sarah's 4th Grade Year

No description


on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Sarah's 4th Grade Year

Sarah's 4th Grade Year
Read Aloud
In read aloud this year we have read three books and they are The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, Maniac McGee, an The One and Only Ivan, but my favorite was The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 because there was lots of action like the whool poo attack, the boam and Bryan's lips getting stuck to te brown boamer.
My Favorite Book Club Books
My favorite book club book I read this year was Turtle In Paradise because it had really funny character names. For example, Beans and Turtle.
Book Club
This year in Mrs. Culver's class I have been working on Book Club. I have read 5 different book club books
1. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
2. Fourth Grade Rats
3. The Whipping Boy
4. Turtle In Paradise
5. Holes
How I Grown as a Reader
I think I've grow as a reader in the fowllowing ways I've been starting to pick different geners and I've been foucsing more on the books that I'm reading then other people.
This Summer as a Reader
This summer as a reader I will partaicipate in the Book it to the Creek program so I can read more and become a better reader at the same time.
I feel that I am a better writer now because I've learned to make my writing more intersting and to make my writing pop out.
As a writer this summer, I will during my free time I will wrie and create story's to bring to the beggingof the year of 5th grade and share them.
By: Sarah Fuller
As a Writer this Summer
What I Have Improved/ Learned This Year in Math
I have improved on/ learned this year in math this year is finding all the factor pairs for whole numbers. For example, you can use a factor rainbow.
The Standards I will Continue to Work On
This Summer as a Writer
I will continue to work on Knowing Relative sizes of Measurements and Adding and Subtracting Fractions because I got ones on those twoo standards for my end of the year math test.
My Favorite Part of Fourth Grade Math
My favorite part of Fourth Grade math class was learning the ways to solve the multiplication stratiges. For example , lattice multiplication, traditional multiplication and partial products.
Getting to be a Successful 5th Grader
What I need to improve on to become a successful 5th grader is writing numbers in expanded notation.
Writing Interims
Fall: P 65%
Spring: P 72%

DRA Levels

Begging: 38
End: 50
Math Interim
51.1 % = PP

End of the year math test
80/94 = 85% = P
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