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Concrete poetry

examples and directions for shape poems

Lucie Altman

on 23 April 2012

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Transcript of Concrete poetry

Concrete Poetry Shape poem or pattern poem
the shape
of the poem
on the page symbolizes
the content of the poem
Chose a topic: a favorite hobby, interest, sport, collection, activity, game, etc

Wrote a four-to-six line rough draft of a poem on the topic.
Let's look at some examples: Triangle I
a very
shape I have
three points and
three lines straight.
Look through my words
and you will see, the shape
that I am meant to be. I'm just
not words caught in a tangle. Look
close to see a small triangle. My angles
add to one hundred and eighty degrees, you
learn this at school with your abc's. Practice your
maths and you will see, some other fine examples of me.
Apple, Barn, Baseball Diamond, Bell, Bread Slice, Child, Circle, Emergency Vehicle,
Fish, Flower 1, Flower 2, Garden Gate, House, Ice-Cream Cone, Kite,
Ladder, Lion, , Minivan, Mirror, Mittens, Moon, Nest, Pig,
Rainbow, Raindrop,
Shell, Sock, T-shirt, Taxicab, Ticktacktoe, Tooth, Train, Car, Train, Engine, Treasure Chest,
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