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Holiday Fantasy Diary

No description

thames thames

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Holiday Fantasy Diary

Holiday Fantasy Diary
BY Frankie Kuo
Tang Yuan
Tang Yuan is a kind like a squishy ball, but it is a food. Its sticky. I made some and I will show you after...
How to make a Tang Yuan
Delicious food what we ate

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Beef soup
Tata beef
Hungarian dish
Sweet duck chest
Salmon fish
Duck leg
Salmon fish with green pasta
Tata beef
Hun dish
Sweet duck
Salmon and pasta
Duck leg
Beef soup
Salmon fish
About Tata beef's story
In the ancient time's,middle age's, the people used horses to make that they put it on the horse,and sit on it. They spend all day riding on the horse, the man's butt and the horse's back, it polish by the horse back and the the man's butt,it make's it mushy.Its butt might be wet.
First, you get a glutious rice flour, ad 500 ml water, it become's very hard or very sticky.If its very sticky,add rice flour,if its hard,add some water.Make it flat, you can put any kind of flavour in it. You may make it like a ball.
Please put a bunch of rice flour (dough) on its cover, otherwise the flavour in itwill come out.Then wait for the water to boil and put in the Tang Yuan. Wan it floats up to the surface, have a good luck.
Inside is meat
Sticky Rice flour (melted)
Only private!
Nothing special continues. . . . .
Whanna know about the continue?
Its all day books...Nothing is special
Its just all day learn and memorize the book paragraph every day a new one. . . . . . . . . . . . .
It incredibly sucks!
Second Famous King of Hun.
This the Second Famous King in the country Hungary.
To visit the head, its in the church that you see at its right. Enjoy,swag.
u swag
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