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stasa wade

on 26 February 2010

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Transcript of TIME LINE

Japenese American Internment Sept 1 1939 Begining
of World war II Dec 7 1941 Surprise attack
on pearl harboe by the
jananese may 1942 Arthur and
Estelle Ishigo are
sent to Pomona
assembly center sept 1942 arthur and
estelle ishigo
arrive at heart
mnt relocation camp. aug 6,9, 1945 atomic bomb is
dropped on hiroshima and
nagasaki, Japan by the U.s. Nov 10 1945 Heart
mountain closes. June 1952 Congress passes Public law 414, granting japanese aliens the right to become naturalized u.s. citizens. Aug 14, 1945 Japan
ending WWII aug 1988 Pres. REagan signs public law 100-383 apologizing to japanese americans and offering 20,000 dollars each in reparations. Jan.1998 fred Koremastu
recieves the presidential
medal of freedom. THE END! by: stasas w. and rachel s.
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