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Radikha Harricharran;) <3

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Radikha Harricharran;) <3

Stock Market Project By: Radikha Harricharran Pd. 5 APPLE HOT TOPIC In Apple, the profit/loss
is $1,620.00.
In Hot Topic, the
profit/loss is $2,065.84.
I picked Hot Topic
because I thought it was a good company to invest in. I picked Apple because it was a well-known store, and I wanted to see if it was a good company to invest in. One interesting fact of Hot Topic is that they sponsered the Ozzfest for 3 years in a row. One interesting fact of Apple is that every device they have, starts with the letter i. Ex: iPhone. Hot Topic sells a selection of music/pop culture- licensened and gift items for young men and women. The president of Hot Topic is Betsy McLaughlinn The company started in the 1960's. The market exchange for the company is NASDAQ. They make $18.1 mill. The President of Apple is Steve Jobs. Apple makes personal computers, mobile communications devices, and portable digital music and videoplayers. They started the company April 1, 1976. The company makes $9.4 bill. The company's market exchange is NASDAQ. ------------ > This is what most Hot Topic stores look like. < ------------ This is what Apple's sign is. This sign comes on most devices you get. This is the Line Graph that I made with the two companies I invested in. It shows that Apple dropped drastically. And Hot Topic had some drops and raises, but stayed the same in most parts. ----- > This is Apple's first computer. This is a product of Apple. I wouldn't change anything about this project. It was nicely taught and understandable. What I liked about this project is using Prezi instead of a Powerpoint. Some advice on investing is that choose a company that you know makes a lot or money. Also, one that is popular. These are some products that Hot Topic sells.
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