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Copy of "Amigo Brothers" Plot Diagram

No description

Kimberly Burkett

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of "Amigo Brothers" Plot Diagram

Turn and Talk: Define Terms
1. Exposition
2. Rising Action
3. Climax
4. Falling Action
5. Resolution
Exposition: Meet characters; learn setting
Felix and Antonio are best friends and boxers. They live in NYC.
Rising Action: Conflict unfolds; plot becomes complex
Climax: Turning point of the conflict; exciting
Describe Round Three. (p. 171)
The End?!
So, who wins?
See page 172.
Falling Action: Effects of the climax
1. Felix and Antonio discuss... (p. 160)
2. They agree to... (p. 161-62)
3. Both boys spend time... (p. 163-64)
4. The big day arrives; a crowd gathers.
5. Round One (p. 166-67)
6. Round Two (p. 168-170)

The conflict is introduced.
Felix and Antonio learn that they will face off in the division finals, and the winner will move on to the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament. Who will win? Will their friendship survive?
What is the precise turning point of the conflict(s)?
Finally the referee and two trainers pried Felix and Antonio apart. Cold water was poured over them to bring them back to their senses.
They looked around and then rushed toward each other. A cry of alarm surged...was this a fight to the death instead of a boxing match?
The fear soon gave way to wave upon wave of cheering as the two amigos embraced. (p. 171)
"Amigo Brothers" Plot Diagram
What do Antonio and Felix do after the climax? See page 172.
Contrast Round One and Round Two. How does Round Two increase the SUSPENSE?
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