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Rescue System for children trapped in a bore well

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Sai Prashanth Reddy Gangula

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Rescue System for children trapped in a bore well

To rescue a child trapped in a borewell.

Project By :
Pavitharapu Sridhar (114004135)
Sai Prashanth Reddy, G (114004173)

Internal Guide : Prof. Raju. N

Work Done So Far
Configuring the Raspberry Pi
Remote login and use of Raspberry Pi
Video Transmission using MJPEG Streamer, through Raspberry Pi.
Programming the Raspberry Pi using Python and C.
Setup of General Purpose I/O pins on Raspberry Pi.
Working With GPIO of Raspberry Pi and glowing LED and driving motor.
Mechanical Design of the bot.
Hardware implementation.
Audio transmission
ADD-ons to the existing work

To make a semi- autonomus robot using IR or Ultra Sonic sensor.
Provide Extra Support to the child inside.

Yeoh. K.J.M, Wong, H. L, 2012, Web-based Remote Navigational Robot for Multiclass Human-Robot Interaction, Malaysia, IEEE Conference(STUDENT).
Bharathi. B, Samuel. B.S, 2013, Design and Construction of Rescue Robot and Pipeline Inspection Using Zigbee, IJSER.

Rescue System
children trapped
in a
bore well

In Recent times we have seen many cases of children falling into bore wells and have seen that it has become a hectic process for the rescue personel to rescue the person in it. So we have come up with a approach that lets us rescue the person trapped inside the bore well using a rescue bot. The bot can be adjusted in diameter to fit inside the bore well and move down the bore well using a rope suspended. It has a camera and a flash light by which we can monitor the situation inside the bore well and also audio communication to communicate with the person inside. There are arms fixed to robot which are controlled either by haptics or a controller to carry the person out.
Basic Design
Thank You
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