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Assignment One: Writing for Television and Video

No description

Lizzie Williams

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Assignment One: Writing for Television and Video

Screen Writing/Writers
By Lizzie Williams and
Jetta Dorling This presentation is about the art of screenwriting, It has evolved over the years and become an increasingly loves profession. Becoming commissioned is a really hard task to achieve, the script writing industry is extremely tough to break into due to the talented competition, unlike many other media platforms. How To Get Into The Industry Case Study- Sherlock Introduction
Contracts vary from company to company as well as the terms and conditions they include.
Contracts are a legal requirement and by signing one outlines the promises both the company and writer must keep to. Once it is signed there is a legal binding which ensures both parties must stick to it. Writing Contracts Employer Expectations -The life of a script writer consists of the following things:
Always have a pitch at hand

Your Story

Market Knowledge

Building your character

Your dialogue with the industry

Pitching/Gravity/Training LIFE OF A SCRIPT WRITER Both UK and US TV industries are very well known for their exciting and popular TV series. TV INDUSTRY:
(UK and USA Comparisons) ONLINE TV INDUSTRY LEGAL AND ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS Today we will discuss the ways in which writers can be commissioned, the legal and ethical obligations of writing, UK TV and Film compared with American and a case study of Aaron Sorkin. There are many ways of putting your work out there such as:

. Competitions
. Getting an Agent
. Through contacts
. The BBC Sherlock was created by two intelligent writers Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss, both have had experience writing for the BBC. They were inspired to create a modern twist of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, they thought of the idea when working on BBC’s Doctor Who. With the help of Steven Thompson they started to write the script for the series. Moffat and Gatiss were already much known to the BBC so instead of applying with a proposal to get their script brought, they only had to pitch their ideas to the company before thing came into practice. It was aired in 2010 in the month of July and had a follow up series shortly after; they are scheduled to air the third soon. USA TV industry is very hyperbolic as they have a higher standard and a larger budget compared to the UK. British TV has less unwritten rules that American television, as some TV series are considered acceptable in the UK but may not be in America for instance Skins. British TV is also notorious for its more realistic approach, as American TV has extreme story lines and is very over the top due to their large budget. Misfits VS. Heroes An interesting writing we found out about was Aaron Sorkin. Aaron Sorkin Aaron Sorkin is considered one of the best screenwriters in American history. He has created some of the most creative scripts such as a few good men, the social network, The Rock and Moneyball. Not only does he do film scripts but he also writes for Television and Theatre such as The office and The West Wing meaning he has wide talent and is not limited A producer saw his play and scouted Sorkin, he was commissioned by John A. McQuiggan and with this scripted his first feature film. Online TV industry is the new media platform which is vastly increasing.

At least every channel has its own online catch up, for instance 4OD and BBC iplayer. How ever in America they do not have these platforms and there is only a few channels in America that puts their shows online.

Many websites have legal reasons why you can not watch online TV in other countries due to copyright reasons or the TV show may soon be airing in that country. These are some of the expectations employers have for script writers: Codes of practise are mainly used by Channel 4 and BBC considering they are public service, but this just means the content of the scripts trigger no ethical problems and are created for the benefit of the public. Applying yourself to legal obligations – making sure the contract is stuck to.

How the writer is involved within the process – if they are kept throughout or bought off.

To complete the content within the given time period

Actually applying research to the project and conducting primary research such as questionnaires, interviews etc.

Understanding the target audience and what they want

Time management is key. Copyright is a legal requirement all writers and artists
need to take into practise, it is a vital part of their career.

Rights to own a script as property, a company will buy the script
however they may not make it; if the script reaches
production the writer will receive more none
Ethical considerations: Within writing writers should consider
the audience and how they will respond to the content.
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