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Media Bias

TOK 25 presentation

zoey zhang

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Media Bias

Media Bias in Society Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Group F -To What Extent is Media bias Present Within Society?- Editors: Cicily Du, Zoey Zhang and Geraldine Huynh To what extent is media bias present within society? What is Media Bias? 목차 7. 정리
- 찬성 측 가이드라인
- 반대 측 가이드라인

8. 한계점

9. 청중들의 의견
/교수님의 의견

10. 질의응답 Media Bias in Society Tuesday, June 11,2013 목차 1. 토빈세 관련 소개
- 개념
- 역사

2. 토빈세 도입 배경
- 양적완화
- 엔저현상
- 금융산업의 딜레마
- 쟁점이 되는 이유 설명

3. 국회 법안 발의
- 국회 법안 발의 내용
- 법안 발의 기사 목차 4. 찬반토의
- 외화이탈 이슈
- 환율변동 이슈
- 세입창출 문제
- 금융시장 안정성 문제

5. 쟁점정리

6. 해외사례 토론
- 성공사례
- 실패사례
- 외국의 정책 national vs international bias New York Times - USA:
"U.S.-China Talks Yield Pledge for a New Model of Cooperation" - Jun 8, 2013 BBC news - UK:
"Obama-Xi talks to focus on US-China economy ties" - Jun 8, 2013 --WORLD NEWS-- 2013.06.07 - President Obama and Xi of China of China meets for a 2-day Summit, discussing issues including a nuclear-armed North Korea, cyber espionage, climate change, free trade and human rights. Xinhua News - China:
"China, U.S. agree to build new type of relations" - Jun 8, 2013 Fox news - US:
"What is the 'red line' on Chinese cyber attacks? - At what point will US consider it an act of war?"- Jun 7, 2013 Bias: To give a one-sided tendency or direction to; to incline to one side; to influence, affect (often unduly or unfairly).

Information Media: The main means of mass communication, e.g. newspapers, radio, and television Knowledge Issues:

Do the ways in which the media manipulates the public’s emotions compromise its legitimacy?

How does media bias change public opinion? Varies between different countries and their regulations and standards
How do different countries view the purpose of media? censorship manipulate beliefs and thoughts omission of different perspectives Global issue
e.g. China, U.S. Corporate Governance Standards of Business Conduct Section:

“Integrity, honesty, forthrightness, and fairness are of primary importance in all business relationships involving the company.” Fox news Bovine Growth Hormone To what purpose is media bias used to manipulate public opinion? 1. Political/Ideological bias: support or attack a particular political party, candidate, or ideology
2. Advertising bias: when stories are selected or slanted to please advertisers.
3. Corporate bias: when stories are selected or slanted to please corporate owners of media.
4. Mainstream bias: a tendency to report what everyone else is reporting, and to avoid stories that will offend anyone.
5. Sensationalism bias: in favor of the exceptional over the ordinary.
6. Concision bias: a tendency to report views that can be summarized succinctly, crowding out more unconventional views that take time to explain.
7. Other forms of bias: including reporting that favors or attacks a particular race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnic group, or even person. How is media bias achieved? -omission of relevant facts or details
-sense perception Marshall Mcluhan, media guru, first introduced the phrase “The Medium is the Message” in his book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man Altered Primary Sources August 5, 2006
Lebanese woman reacts at the destruction after she came to inspect her house in the suburbs of Beirut after Israeli war planes continuously bombed the area overnight. July 22, 2006
Lebanese woman wails after looking at the wreckage of her apartment in a building that was demolished by Israeli attacks in southern Beirut. “If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed.”

~Mark Twain Can media bias be avoided? How should a knower make fair, unbiased judgements?

To what extent does technology reduce media bias? Does it at all? What responsibility do we have as knowers, now that we recognize the degree of media bias present within our society?
“These standards are not intended to be all encompassing. Situations may arise that are not expressly covered or where the proper course of action is unclear. The Echo Chamber Effect “Society is always better when someone is trying to undermine our views. And particularly, social cohesion is better, because being challenged forces you to think through why you believe what you believe. It’s the stimulus for debate and discussion...”
~Christopher Waddell
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