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Street Children

No description

Alasdair Smith

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Street Children

Street Children Born to a society in denial
Street accessories to a passerby A 1998 report states there are 1.5 million
street children in the Philippines. This number
has undoubtedly increased since. Treated like an inconvenient truth:
A reality smoothly swept aside
Street children are regularly relocated by the government into places less noticeable and are often treated as simply a thorn in the side or urban life. The echoing roar of jeepneys that pass
Is nothing more than Manila's heartbeat Jeepneys are popular means of transport in the Philippines made from left over military jeeps in World War II. They are known for their colourful designs and are seen everywhere in the Capital Manila Few turn there heads, even fewer care why
A child's sleeping on their doorstep tonight
Stairway is a non-profit, non-government child care organization located in the Filipino town of Puerto Galera. It is an alternative program to help the most endangered street kids of Manila by teaching them basic education and offering them shelter.
But at stairway lies a place of safety
From the unfriendly streets of Manila
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