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Making Infrences

Description, Examples, and Videos

Mollie Parker

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Making Infrences

Putting Clues Together What is an Inference? *Consider the meaning of the book in the Title Readers Who Infer... What is this? Descrition, Examples, and Videos Infrences Background Knowledge Infer...
Inferrence... Putting the pieces together, like a puzzle Reading between the lines *Understands the characters traits and goals to determine meaning *Does something that occurs in this story fit in my life? *Relates the text to things going on in the world *Examines issues hiding in the text (reading between the lines) *Makes educated guesses based on knowledge from text, pictures, or both There is a bubbling sound. The stove is on. The Kitchen is filled with
steam. Students are sitting quietly in their chairs. No one is talking before class begins. All of the students have their textbooks open. I'm sometimes new
Yet always old
I shine like the sun
But I'm really cold
Poems I'm round like a ball
But I do not spin
You can see my face
Again and Again Though I'm up really high
A cow once jumped over
When astronauts came
They had a rover What
Infer? What is the poem about? Handouts Videos
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