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Duke University

No description

kylie surber

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Duke University

DUKE UNIVERSITY! MAJORS They're are many majors that Duke has, such as.. PROGRAMS/ACADEMICS Duke offers many great programs: Duke has many clubs and activities you can attend outside of school: Join the Bowling League. -Biochemistry -Computer Science -Ecology -German Studies -Medical Physics -Neurobiology -Philosophy -Art History -Biology -Chemistry -Dance -History -Mathematics -Literature -Music STUDENT ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL You can go see a sports event. You can enjoy small sports like: -Flag Football -Soccer -Dodgeball -And Volleyball You can join Duke's Drama Club. SPORTS CLUBS Duke Universtiy has tons of sports clubs you can be involved in.. Like: -Baseball -Cycling -Dancing Devils -Field Hockey -Martial Arts -Running -Softball -Women's Basketball SCHOOL CULTURAL CLUBS Duke has many different cvltures that go to their school, these are some of the clubs they have made: -Asian Students Association (ASA) -Black Student Alliance (BSA) -Blue Devils United (BDU) -Center for Race Relations (CRR) -Cuban American Student Association (CASA) Club Italia -Duke Africa -Duke Chinese Dance Troupe (DCDT) -Haitian Student Alliance (HSA) -Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) Other than cultural clubs there are many of other clubs on campus like.. CLUBS/ORGINIZATIONS Duke is also passionate about their Music, Dance, and Arts, here is a video to show how they perform their Fine Arts. Coffeehouse Arts and Engagement Project Ballroom Dance Club Duke Music Union Origami Club By: Kylie Surber & Brooke Audas CAMPUS LIFE Now we're going talk a little bit about how the campus life is at Duke, The center for LGBT life provides education, advocacy, mentoring, and academics. Jewish Life at Duke works to foster and enrich Jewish life through social, educational, religous, and cultural activities. Womens Center is dedicated to helping every women at Duke become self-assured. They welcome men & women who are commited to gender equity and social change. TUITION AND FINANCIAL AID Lets talk a little bit about the tuition and financial aid at Duke University: The tuition for Duke University this year is $43,623. Duke realizes that most applicants cannot fund a legal education by themselves. And so, Duke Law offers a comprehensive financial aid program that seeks to make a high-quality legal education a possibility for the accepted students. You can recieve a scholarship, or get federal loans. or you can recieve our generous Loan Repayment Program. (LRAP) SPORTS! Duke has lots of sports that are participated in such as: Baseball Men & Woman's Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Men & Woman's Soccer Track & Field Volleyball Duke is supported a lot by their fans and the Duke mascot Duke has a gorgeous campus. Pictures of the beautiful campus There are many different buildings on campus, I'll name a few: -The Sanford Building
-The Rubenstein Building
-The Green Building
-The Library
and many other buildings Duke University's nickname is the "Bull City." They got that nickname from, the Blackwell Tobacco Company's Bull Durham Tobacco. Here are some facts about Duke: The student enrollment is 6.680 students. The campus size is 8,709 acres. Duke University's ranking in 2013 for the Best Colleges in National Universities is an 8. Duke University is divided up into 10 schools and colleges, still mostly for graduates and undergraduates. Durham, which surrounds Duke's campus, offers a variety of activities like, Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment. Duke's basketball arena is 262 feet long and 175 feet wide, and can seat 8,800 people, including 3,500 folding bleacher seats on the floor. GO DUKE! FAMOUS PEOPLE THAT WENT TO DUKE Lets find out some famous people that went to Duke University: Grant Hill Bobby Hurley Now lets do a little background check on these famous people, Richard Nixon Grant Hill is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA. He was born on October 5, 1972 in Dallas, Texas to Janet Hill and Calvin Hill. Grant is married to Tamia Hill, and has two kids named Lael Rose Hill and Myla Grace Hill. He is currently playing for the Los Angeles Clippers. Robert Matthew 'Bobby' Hurley is a former basketball player and currently the associate head coach at the University of Rhode Island along with his brother Dan Hurley who was named head coach in March. He was born on June 28, 1971, in Jersey City. He is married to Leslie Hurley. Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States, from 1969-1974. He was born on January 9, 1913 in Yorba Linda and died on April 22, 1994 New York City. He was educated at Duke University School of Law in 1937, Whittier College in 1934, and Fullerton High School, California in 1930. Thats all folks! Thanks for watching!
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