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David Suzuki

Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, Environmental activist, and a Scientist who tries to educate people about the warming of the earth's atmotshpere.Very Inspirational Man.

Hannah Riley

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of David Suzuki

Works Cited/Bibliography
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Canadian Encyclopedia. D. Phillipson. The Canadian Encyclopedia © Nov 18. 2012 <http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/articles/david-suzuki> Date of birth:
David was born March 24th 1936, in: Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is currently alive and is 76 years of age. David (Takayoshi)Suzuki My Inspirational Person Of Choice. Background Information David Suzuki was living in Vancouver with his three siblings; Marcie, Geraldine, and Dawn. Their parents were Setsu Nakamura and Koaoru Carr Suzuki. Then, during WWII, his father was sent to a labour camp in Solsqua. Two months later, David, his sisters, and their mother were sent to an interned camp in Slocan.Where his newest sister was born: Jenny. Once the war was over, the family had to move. Suzuki was enrolled in Mill street Elementary school until grade 9 where he attended Leamington Secondary school. Eventually they had to move again, to London, Ontario where he went to London Central Secondary school. By: Hannah J (Map Of Vancouver) Further Education, and Occupations. Suzuki studied hard, and was a great student. He received his BA in Biology at Amherst college of Massachusetts, a PhD in Zoology, and finally became a professor at the University of BC for 38 years. He is most recognized as an environmental activist, scientist, geneticist, and broadcaster. His goal is to educate others about global warming and gives tips to be more ecologically friendly. Suzuki has made many accomplishments, here are some examples... In 1974, Suzuki founded his own program on CBC radio am called "Quirks and Quarks" which he hosted for about 3 years.
He has also written 52 books in his lifetime including 19 for children, and an autobiography published in 2006
Suzuki has received a total of 26 honorary degrees from different universities all over the world.
David also co-founded the "David Suzuki Foundation" which works with the government, businesses, and individuals to restore and conserve our environment. Accomplishments And the Friend Of The Earth award goes to... David Suzuki!!!
Winner Must:
Have "grown up with the earth" (50+ years)
Have studied any form of Biology
Have started a Company/Business/Organization that supports Eco-Friendliness. (Bio poem) Who lives for Ecology, Broadcasting, and Fruit Flies (haha). David Husband of T. Cullis, S. Sunahara. Father of Severn and Sarika Who loves his world, his environment, his family, and the nature of things. Who believes that the earth is warming due to humans polluting it. Who fears of not being able to speak, and that if humans don't change their ways it will be too late. Who values working hard, sharing, and kindness towards mother earth. Who is determined to reduce his ecological (carbon) footprint and encourage others to do the same. Who is a fan of Rachel Carson and Nelson Mandela Scientific-genius Suzuki Intelligent, Determined, Eco-Friendly Final Thoughts How did learning about David Suzuki change the way you view your life and your life in the future? I had already known a bit about David Suzuki because my parents and I are fans and support him and his beliefs. But, there were things I didn't know, like his background story and what he went through. Plus, on the DSF website I found tons of small things we could do to make our homes more ecologically friendly so in the future I will certainly use some of them.
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