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Accelerated Learning

A model for teaching and learning?

Laurie Johnston

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Accelerated Learning

A model for teaching and learning Accelerated Learning Connect to what has gone before
Big picture -
Outcomes Connection Connect to the:
learners Make learning personal
Connect to what has been learnt before
Actively involve students
Manage emotional climate to achieve inclusion
Agree the big picture - 'this is what we will do and this is how we will do it Pose problems
add language to doing Activate -
give the necessary information to
begin to solve the problems posed Give necessary information
Use problems, case studies, role plays etc.
Immerse activities in structured language exchange
Think time/reflection time
Construct meanings Use feedback
vary groupings
offer multiple ways to demonstrate Demonstration - provide opportunities for learners to show they know Provide opportunities
Allow rehearsal
Different groupings
Provide feedback - emphasis on improving
Specific advice on process and content that can be acted on straight away active reflection on content and process
seek transfer
review then preview Consolidation Reflect on what has been learnt and how
Combinations of paired, small group and whole class activity
link to objectives, process and outcomes agreed in connection
Transfer - use of learning elsewhere, what would we do differently
Preview Start again
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