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Department of Sacred Music

No description

Emily Lowe

on 19 July 2015

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Transcript of Department of Sacred Music

Department of Sacred Music
The Sacred Music Institute
Sacred Music Chamber Choir
Youth Music Ministry
Traveling Sacred Music Institute
Our Mission
Sacred Music Institute Scholarships
Celebrating Musical Diversity in American Orthodoxy
Byzantine Music Program
Composer in Residence
Virtual Choir
Choir Outreach Program
Sacred Music Byzantine Choir
The Department of Sacred Music

of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
guides chanters, choirs and congregations
to musical excellence in worship
for the glory of God.
116 Attendees
every diocese
Directors, Choir Members, Protopsaltis and Chanters
23 Youth
(ages 14-18)
10 General Sessions
Keynote Address by Metropolitan JOSEPH
History of Antiochian music
New works by Orthodox composers
13 Workshops
Vocal Techniques
Musical Leadership
Service Structures
Pitch Giving and Conducting
30th Anniversary SMI: July 8-12, 2015
Sacred Music Department Page
Sacred Music Library
Over 700 hymns of the church
Choral and chant arrangements
Updated regularly
Links to photos and videos of past SMI's
Facebook Group
(Sacred Music Institute)
Photos from past SMI's
Information about upcoming events
Youtube Channel
Sessions from past SMI's
Keynote Addresses: Metropolitan JOSEPH, Bishop ANTHONY
Auditions held each year
16-20 voices in mixed formation
Singers receive music in advance and rehearse individually
Group rehearsal before and during the SMI
Focus on choral blend and high musical standards
Performances inspire musicians of all levels
Sacred Music Chamber Choir
Online Musical Resources and Library
Sacred Music Byzantine Choir
12-16 voices, open to all chanters
Singers receive music in advance and rehearse individually
Group rehearsal before and during the SMI
Focus on ornamentation and unified, balanced sound in the Byzantine tradition
Performances inspire musicians of all levels
Youth Music Ministry
20-30 musicians aged 14-18
Attend the SMI on a parallel track
Vocal techniques and intense rehearsal
Sessions on conducting and theory
$8,500 from the Department provides full tuition and partial transportation funds
3-Year Goal:
$10,000 more in funds in order to fully support a 40-voice choir
Traveling Sacred Music Institute
West Coast SMI: Since 2002
Various locations on the West Coast
Greater convenience for musicians who don't live near Antiochian Village
Nurtures relationships with area parishes
Provides opportunities for local musicians to grow and learn in a high-quality environment
Possible choices for future traveling SMI's:
Choir Outreach Program
Targets mission and small parishes
Gives choirs tools to effectively establish a quality music program regardless of size
Programs include technical and theological instruction
Work with priest, director and parish council
Tailored to the needs of each parish
Approximately $1500 for a three-day workshop with two directors
Five-Year Goal:
$13,500 per year to fund 9 workshops in parishes with the greatest need
Virtual Choir Project
Individual singers record themselves singing their parts
Technicians coordinate the audio into a single performance.
End result, thanks to modern technology: one huge choir comprised of North American musicians
One beautiful and unified sound
Pioneered by Eric Whitacre; also done by Tikey Zes
Sacred Music Institute Scholarships
Currently, three adults per year attend the SMI on scholarship
$1,000 per person covers transportation, accommodations, registration and course materials
Provides opportunity for new and mission parishes to educate their church musicians
Three-Year Goal:
an additional $7,000 per year to support a total of ten scholarship recipients
Byzantine Music Program
Updating Kazan Project
Vespers and Orthros are complete; Menaion is underway
Composing new works
God is the Lord in 8 Tones (R. El-Massih)
Lesser Sanctification of Water Service (J. Suchy-Pilalis)
Encouraging development of liturgical hymnology
First All-Night Vigil at the SMI this year: excellent attendance, especially from the teens!
One Faith, Many Traditions
If we are to honor the blessed memory of our beloved Metropolitan and Father in Christ, St. Raphael, it seems to me that we should remember, among other things, that we live under the shining light of a man who was educated not only in the Middle East and in Greece, but also in Russia.
He said of himself: "I am an Arab by birth, a Greek by primary education, an American by residence, a Russian at heart, and a Slav in soul."
The manifold diversity of the Light of God that shines through him even today, can serve to further the spirit of Orthodox unity in faith and practice, and musical expression on this North American Continent. This is the all-embracing Orthodox tradition of the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America that we in this holy gathering here today have received from our fathers, beginning with St. Raphael, and we should continue to preserve and honor that inheritance.

Archpriest John Finley, July 2015
the historical diversity of musical traditions in our churches
young musicians and providing resources to new and mission parishes
strong ties of communication throughout the Archdiocese
workshops and seminars that improve the quality of musicianship
and distributing new and edited compositions in accordance with professional and liturgical standards
Our mission includes a commitment to:
Composer in Residence: Nazo Zakkak
The Department encourages contemporary Orthodox composers to submit work that is:
Prayerful and respectful of the Orthodox ethos
Born out of one or more musical traditions
Influenced by the diversity of North America
Nazo Zakkak, our first Composer in Residence:
was born in 1989, a Lebanese-American
trained in jazz piano and improvisation
earned an MFA in Composition from UC Irvine
worked in the schools of ambient and experimental music and minimalism
is now writing wholly original liturgical works
Spreading the Word
We are in the process of creating e-mail and mailing lists for each diocese through our Diocesan Coordinators.
Our ongoing goal is to build stronger and closer relationships with our clergy.
Metropolitan JOSEPH encourages each parish to send at least one member to the SMI.
We ALWAYS need donations of time, energy, resources and financial assistance.
For more information, contact Chairman Paul Jabara at sacredmusic@antiochian.org.
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