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No description

Mely Pérez

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Aldo

40 Years of Success Resistance to Change
Analysis Recommendations Aldo must be aware of its employee’s resistance to change
Rely on Kotter’s eight-step plan for implementing change
Avoid concentrating on the refreezing stage
Culture and values: modified, intensely held and widely shared.
Seek various growth consultant suggestions Challenges Fast-paced growth
IT integration

Programmed responses and habits
Need for security
Fear of the unknown Concerning the group's expansion Recruitment IT Integration The Company Interviewee The Industry Lucrative market, 6.8 billion in 2012
Still consistently growing
Women's wear is the largest portion of the market
Trend towards stylish and current footwear at an affordable price
Consistently scan Founded in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun
Current market leader
Operates numerous brands, including: Spring, Little Burgundy, Globo, and Aldo
1,600 stores worldwide with 1,000 of those residing in Canada
Vertically integrated
Employs 15,000 people
"Love, respect, and integrity" Fiona Buell
Head of human resources and recruitment
Been with the company for 14 years
Firm believer of communication and Aldo's values
Major player in the changes occurring ALDO Short-term Long-term Training
Resistance Skill variety
Job motivation Communication


Personality-job fit MBTI
Big Five Personality Model Customized Training Identify role, responsibilities, and expectation
How the role fits in with the company's vision and success

Continued performance feedback
Recognition of employees' contributions Resistance to Change Organizational Sources Individual Sources Threat to expertise
Threat to established power relationships
Strong organizational culture liability "Successful companies build on their founding traditions while looking ahead to the future" Bensadoun, founder and Executive Chairman of the ALDO Group Power distance
Collectivism vs Individualism
Long-term vs Short-term orientation Internet
Net-working software Organizational Development Survey Feedback
Internal blog with participation forum
Place to voice ideas and contribute to decisions
Using participation to reduce resistance to change Appreciative Inquiry
Professional development day or retreat
Focus on sources of success, strategies, and new goals Recruitment Promote values at a storefront and organizational level to attract fitting applicants
Look for high Emotional Intelligence
Less likely to resist change
Seek potential Idea Champions
Transformational leaders New Technology Channels International expansion calls for using new technologies as channels of communication
Use Kotter's 8-Step Plan to integrate the new technologies:
Create the vision and an urgency
Implement on a departmental basis showing the relation to the big picture
Hold a training day to increase support and commitment, reducing resistance to the change An App for That! Expand markets and increase accessibility with a Smartphone application
Include a store finder and size availability by location
Very low cost Conclusion Aldo's rapid growth shows their tremendous success
Our recommendations are improvements to their currently successful model, or pro-actively address any potentially foreseeable problems Agenda Industry
Challenges and Analysis
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