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Copy of Types of Characters in Fiction

Describes different types of characters students will encounter in fictional works.

Ashley Meyer

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Types of Characters in Fiction

Types of Characters in Fiction
pushes the action forward
thought of as the "good" guy
main or major character of the story.
holds the action back
though of as the "bad" guy
does not have to be a person
Example: Voldemort
Typically a minor character.
Flat Character
does not have many traits
easily defined with one or two traits
Sometimes stereotyped:
the airhead, the jock, the class clown
Primerose from The Hunger Games
shows many qualities, both good and bad
behavior may be unpredictable
human-like; realistic
Round Character
Example: Percy Jackson
Example: Harry Potter
Which of the characters in the picture are flat?
A character who doesn't change.
Static Character
Example: Cruella De Vil
A character who undergoes a significant change.
Dynamic Character
They can be. . .
Flat and Static - dad from Matilda
Flat and Dynamic - Snape from Harry Potter
Round and Dynamic - Percy from The Lightning Thief
Round and Static - Alice from Twilight
All characters are
Flat or Round
Static or Dynamic
But most are flat and static or round and dynamic
Typically the main character.
the protagonist's opponent
a less-developed character
remains good or bad throughout the story
isn't affected by the conflict
a well-developed character
affected by the conflict in some way
most protagonists are dynamic
Example: Katniss
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