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Red Bull Reporter Brief

Assignment for Red Bull Flugtag 2011

Maddie Smith

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of Red Bull Reporter Brief

Red Bull Flugtag 2011 Content creation Reporters Writer Photographer Filmmaker Presenter vlog Blog iPhone app exclusive footage interviews Social media images reviews online press SLR camera
Flip camera
Film cameras
Underwater camera
Remote camera
3 x Laptop Logistics iPad
Waterproof mic
Sound kit
2 x iPhones
Red Bull branded lilo
6 x Clipboards Research
Diary of UK team Media contacts Facebook iPhone app Interviews Research UK focus Image requests Updates Editing Promotions Vox Pops Exclusive footage interviews award presentation interview scripts research vlog affiliated athletes winners teams commentary Success expenses
layout Strong media coverage Social media interaction video views website hits increased awareness Brand recognition reporter experience
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