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T.G.I Friday's

No description

christina pavlidou

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of T.G.I Friday's

An American restaurant and bar group
Started in 1965 in the USA
By 2011 it had restaurants in 992 locations Question 1

Dramaturgical analogy According to Palmer (2008)''The concept of role playing has been used to apply the principles of social psychology to explain the interaction between service producer and service consumer. Both parties work to a script that is determined by their respective role expectations"

"the script might include precise details about that actions should be performed, when and by whom, including the words to be used in verbal communication" Question 2

Critical incident TGI believe a critical incident consists of anything to do with the customer’s meal experience. (Wang et al, 2004).

TGI used the critical incident technique (C.I.T) to collect the attributes of customer’s satisfaction (Wang et al 2004).
It was mainly used as a method to see how the customers enjoyed their experience.
TGI implemented CIT by conducting interviews on site, these interviews consisted with questions about personal experience. Question 3

Service interaction Cyberscape is comprised of 11 dimensions (Rosenbaum 2005) Blueprinting Servicescapes Cyberscape "A service blueprint is a picture or map that accurately portrays the service system." (Zeithaml & Bitner 1996)
Identifies "all steps in a service process, that is all contacts or interactions with customers" (Palmer 2011) Benefits:
Provides an overview so employees can relate to the service "viewed as an integrated whole thus reenforcing a customer-oriented focus among employees" (Zeithaml & Bitner 1996) "The impact of physical surroundings on customers and employees" (Bitner 1992) TGI Friday's has managed to create a theater theme making the customer feel like they are on stage.
Lets break down the different aspects of servicescapes: Atmosphere:
The restaurant is dim lit
The lights are focused solely on on the tables creating an onstage feeling
They play more easy listening music or oldies during the day.
During dinner more rock and current music.

Physical design:
"Red and white stripes, wooden floors, tiffany lamps, bentwood chairs, striped tablecloths" (Casestudy 2011) Decor elements:
Authentic american decorative memorabilia plays a "key element in the TGI Friday's experience" (Casestudy 2011)
They are constantly on the search for antique pieces, posters from movies, pictures and portraits of actors from 1930s and onwards. Servuction "Concentrates on consumers perceptions of the service encounter" (Palmer 2008) Visible:
physical environment
supported by invisible (background tasks in the kitchen, management coordination)

Consumer's input
"create their own bundle of benefits from fellow consumers or third-party consumers" (Palmer 2008)
TGIF's birthday song sung by the staff

Although TGI Friday's offers mass customization offering a standard service to all customers they can still "personalize their meal through an extensive range of menu permutation"(Casestudy 2011) Service Quality Service failure/recovery Service experience

A crucial aspect of defining a successful customer experience lies in understanding individuals’ emotional states before,during
and after the service encounter.(Palmer 2008) TGIF'S Ideology
"treating every customer as an honored guest at home’" TGI Friday's offers a standardized service
According to Lashley, C in the journal 'Empowerment through involvement: a case study of TGI Friday's restaurants' (2000)
Employees expected to "provide both the behaviors, and the emotional displays, to match with customer wants and feelings" Failure can occur due to many factors:
delay in service
customer dietary requests not met
inappropriate staff behavior How does TGI Friday's avoid failure:
According to Lashley, C in the journal 'Empowerment through involvement: a case study of TGI Friday's restaurants' (2000)

Immediate course and testing sessions alongside a more experienced member of staff performance is monitored
Team briefings precede each shift
Managers monitor service times through a computer programme
checking back with the customer within three minutes of delivering the meal. The company's own research shows that 25% of customers return to the restaurant at least once per month. Source: Lashley, C. (2000) 'Empowerment through involvement: a case study of TGI Friday's restaurants', Personnel Review, 29 (6), 791-815 high chairs for babies
helium filled balloons
special kid’s menu
Happy birthday TGI Friday's song
Mix n match menu Question 4

Services Technologies
Social Media Campaign Different types of service technologies used by T.G.I Friday’s:
•Computer programs to manage order times
•Additional chip and pin terminals
•Wireless program (internet enabled telephones can find near restaurant and menus through apps)
•Mobile app – track bill and pay at the end of the evening
•Mobile advertising campaign
•Beenz (consumer loyalty internet program) redeeming reward points
•Newly redesigned website References:

Bitner, J.M (1992) ‘Servicescapes: The impact of physical surroundings on customers and employees’ Vol 56, No.2, pp 57-51

Dredge, S (2012) 'Apps Rush: The Word Magazine, Lego Star Wars Funzone, The Browser, Burgerapp and more' The Guardian
[Accessed at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/appsblog/2012/apr/30/apps-rush?INTCMP=SRCH ]

T.G.I FRiDAY’S | Celestra. 2012. T.G.I FRiDAY’S | Celestra. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.celestra.co.uk/our-clients/tgi-fridays/. [Accessed 15 November 2012].

Kasper, H. , Helsding, P.V. and Gabbot, M (2006) Services Marketing Management: A strategic perspective. 2nd edition, Wiley

Lashley, C. (2000) ‘Empowerment through involvement: a case study of TGI Friday’s restaurants’, Personnel Review, 29 (6), 791-815.

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Palmer, A. (2011) Principles of Services Marketing, 6th edition, McGraw Hill, pp.46-86

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Wang, K-C, et al (2004) ‘The effect of WebPages on customer satisfaction: a restaurant case study’, Advances in Hospitality and Leisure, 1, 217-229 [Accessed at: http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/1252042?uid=2&uid=4&sid=21101357727831]

Zeithaml, V and Bitner, M. (1996) Services Marketing, McGraw Hill According to Skordoulis, R.T (2005) 'TGI Friday's, UK: A case of innovation'

"TGIF continues to reign as the undisputed UK market leader of themed restaurants.The themed concept is a carousel which progressively goes faster and faster."

Priority: fun element, cultural experience
-Customers are treated as house guests
-Interactive and friendly atmosphere
-Well trained staff: creates entertaining anxiety-free atmosphere
-Customers are relieved/theatrical pieces TGI Fridays uses the value based-approach which "sees quality as a function of customer benefit relative to price or cost" (Kasper et al 2006) The combination of effective employee interaction and the background tasks in the kitchen result to TGI Friday's offering the highest quality of food and entertainment.

TGI Fridays has been accused of charging "rip-off" prices.
From the company's point of view the quality and experience offered is "worth paying a little more" (case study 2011) ‘’Decor has become a key element in the T.G.I. Friday’s experience, transforming an otherwise bland and boring industrial-type building into a theatrical stage.
For T.G.I. Friday’s interior decor, a full-time antique ‘picker’ travels extensively to auctions and flea markets.’’ (Palmer, 2011)

-Use of more senses(vision), not only taste matters
-Reaching higher satisfaction
-Decoration: theatrical and retro
- Transfers the customer into another dimension
-Use of: antiques, old portraits, paintings of famous personalities(older), wooden floors, lighting
-Theatrical stage
-Music: use of another sense(hearing) PROBLEMS FACED:

-Cultural resistance (circus atmosphere not accepted)
-Needs to move forward
-Adaptation to local ethics/sociocultural changes Launched a wireless program allowing users of internet enabled telephones to locate the nearest restaurant, access the company’s menu.

US restaurant chain T.G.I Friday’s has launched a Smartphone app that customers can use to keep track of their bill and pay it at the end of the evening’ (The Guardian, 2012) source: (The Guardian 2012) G4S is working with T.G.I Friday’s, to help them streamline their cash processes, reducing the risk, time and cost associated with cash management (G4S, 2012).

G4S helped T.G.I Friday’s produce a business solution to enable them to resolve their troubles.
This leads to the world-leading CASH360 cash management solution to cut the cost of using cash and minimize losses
Whilst increasing margins and improving management information and enhancing security.

According to Skordoulis, R.T (2005) 'TGI Friday's, UK: A case of innovation'

Implemented a highly friendly e-marketing solution by launching a newly redesigned website through working a long side a rewards-based consumer loyalty internet program provider, Carlson Marketing Group.
Accessed more than six million Gold Points Reward members who redeem point through frequent dining at TGIF’s, to earn travel, hotel stays, cruises, airline miles, car rentals and a wide variety of merchandise and personal services.

1. The new mobile web campaign is not specific to certain smart phones.
It can be seen by anyone with a mobile browser which is a common feature amongst the majority of phones these days.
As stated by Palmer, (2004) ‘the internet has been used to gain access to customers who would previously have been considered inaccessible’.

Mpression, who help deliver the mobile web campaign, deliver ads for a lot of service providers and operators in the UK.
As a result anyone accessing their operator portal in order to check what’s happening in their area tonight has a good chance of seeing the TGI Friday’s ad.

2. The mobile web campaign is well targeted, research suggests most people checking out cinema schedules or local restaurants on their mobile phones tend to use the mobile web and not on an app.
Therefore suggesting that if someone has just come out of the cinema and looking for someplace to eat and their phone shows them an ad for a special offer at a nearby TGI Friday’s? There would be a high likely hood that they would consider it. Social Media Campaign

Looking at the UK:
They do seem have to done everything right for this campaign but there are still no guarantees of success. The success will be dependent on different regions of the UK. i.e. in London city the use of Smartphone’s for mobile browsing is significantly higher than in other places around the country. These questions were (Wang et al, 2004) :
1. Of the TGI Fridays you have eaten in during the last six months, please think if there was any service that you were dis/satisfied with?

2. Please tell us exactly what happened? How you felt?

Respondents were requested to provide their socio demographic data.
e.g gender, marital status, age, education level, occupation and monthly income.

They interviewed a total of 270 customers however 266 usable samples remained (Wang et al 2004) 63% of respondents: ages 18-27
82.3% : bachelor degree
35.7%: students
34.2%: business people source: (Wang et al 2004) 12 categories of satisfaction :
service attitude,flavor,dining environment,atmosphere,service of speed etc
9 categories of dissatisfaction:
price, marketing campaign, period of waiting time, management system etc

14 dis/satisfaction attributes emerged from the TGI Friday’s that did not fully reflect its website’s content design.
A potential problem might exist if any potential customers browse on TGI Friday’s website and attempt to find some important information about the physical restaurant before actually going there for dining. PRESENTED BY:

Christina Pavlidou ID: 10045722

Fardeen Seedat ID: 10044775

Gurpeet Virdi ID: 09009242

Jade Patel ID: 10001119

Marianina Kaxiri ID: 10046563 T.G.I Fridays' website: (in order to be successful managers need to consider all dimensions)
Overall TGI Friday's website seems to have effectively covered most dimensions for example:

Navigation dimension: main page includes 7 key tabs to make browsing more categorical and faster when looking for something specific.
Information dimension: "many customers felt that a gap exists between TGI's offerings and the website offerings" (Wang 2004)
As a result: the site approach of the whole cyberscape model will be influenced negatively since customers use of the website for information might be reduced and replaced with mobile apps.
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