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Andrew Quesada

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of NFL

Originally called APFA (American Professional Football Asociation.) They started in 1920. Jim Thorpe was the leagues first President. He was very famous at the time. In 1922 APFA turned into the NFL.
They changed the APFA Symbol to the NFL (National Football League) In 1922.

Influential People
Coaches Challenges
Influential People
Marshawn Lynch
Tom Brady
Records Broke
Football Now
Coaches also have to get used to the new recruits. Coaches will do anything to win and if they have to yell well that player is in trouble.
Football players get injured all the time. Football is a contact sport. Sometimes injuries can cost careers. Some players end up going poor or homeless.
Coaches Challenges
Football Now
Records Broke
A team playing Rugby.
Logo of the APFA
NFL logo today
first Nfl logo
Frederick Douglass
Begining of Football
1892-Rugby was invented
30 yrs later, football sprung from its form
Frederick douglas was the first african american coach of the Nfl
Nfc has won 26 superbowls while afc has won 23
google.com (images)
Football changes
Football's Father
Sometimes it's hard for coaches to get used to new players while they are doing good in the season. Some new recruits may mess up there chance of winning the championship.
Coach yelling at his new player
NEW recruits
dealing with stress
90% of coaches deal with stress
Picture of Jack Patera when he was in football.
Jack Patera was the first coach for the seattle seahawks
vince guided the packers to a record 7-5 in the first season.
The late great Vince Lombardi
Lou saban was the first coach for the Boston patriots
coach dealing with stress
Tom brady went to college to play for the michigan wolverines.
John madden
stop here
start here
:30 to 1.00 min
thats gotta hurt!!!
start here
stop here

2:00-2:30 min
Pic of Tom Brady
facts of football
Lou Saban
Concusion chart in the NFL in 2012 and 2013.
60 famous football hits
John Madden talking about the new Madden Game.
careers at stake
Face the facts!!!!
Dallas cowboys .com
Dallas cowboys had 12 injuries in their 2014 season.
tom brady has had only one concussion during his whole career.
Google.com ( images)
one of the most famous injuries was when michael oher tackled joe theisman and broke his leg
chris bobber has made one of the most gruesome injuries in football history by tearing his tricep in 2002.
Chris Bobber and his terrible injury
Michael Oher
Dallas Cowboys logo
man getting injured badly
in 2005 duante culpepper the quarterback for the minnesota vikings he tore his knee in 3 ligiments which ended his carrer.
Daunte Culpepper
Tom Brady
ball in the endzone!!!!!
Ernie Nevers
Ernie nevers made history by scoring the most points in a game by scoring six touchdowns and scoring 4 extra points. that is 46 points total.
110% all the way
in 2006 Ladianian tomilinson made history by scoring the most touchdowns in a whole season he scored 186 points which is 31 touchdowns what a record!!!!!!!!
record breaking can be hard but it doesn't mean it can't happen. some records make your jaw drop when you see what people can accomplish. When you tell someone that they can't do it you never know if they might get on that list.
record broke ha ha
Ladianian Tomilinson
Fighting for a record
Dick Lane "Night Train Lane"
Dick lane made the most interceptions by picking off 14 footballs in 12 seasons.
Tampa Bay logo
Tampa bay set the record for the most straight loses. The record was 26 straight losses in the 1976-1977 season.
a football player named don hutson made history by scoring 29 points in 1 single quarter thats outstanding.
willie "flipper" anderson receiver for the detroit lions recieved 336 yards in one game!!!!!!!
in 1956 Otto graham played for the clevland browns which was dominate at that time they went to 10 straight championships. as the players come and go but not graham he played for all championships
tom brady broke 9 superbowl records in his whole career.
Tom Brady

Me talking about interesting facts about the NFL.
play all
chart of most expensive teams in the NFL teams by years
here comes the $
Marshawn Lynch
marshawn lynch agreed to a 3 year contract for $31 million.
bill belichick
Bill Belichick
belichick started coaching for the baltimore colts in 1975. then in in the 1990's he became coaching for the clevland browns.
tom dempsey kicks a field goal 63 yards away to win the game.
Tom Demspey
A cow has only a 1 in 17,420,000 chance of becoming an NFL football that is used in the Super Bowl.
after 2 years of retirement 78% of Nfl players go bankrupt.
superbowl xlv (45) had no cheerleaders because the steelers and the packers don't have cheerleaders
last time for both teams to score 0 points was in 1943 when it was the new york giants and the detroit lions.
being a champion
picture of a champion.
everybody has a talent you may not realize it but you do. eye of a tiger is in you and you may not realize it. You may not think your a champion but you are inside your heart.
Football Now
NFL Now logo
football now has taken over the nations by storm. they went from leather to hard plastic helmets. nfl is one of america's favorite sports and it still is today i wonder how it will be in the future.
The first famous commercial was in 1974 for the ad of noxzema.
willie thrower was the first african american quarterback in the history of the nfl.
Willie Thrower
the last nfl team to go out of business was the dallas texans in 1952.
Dallas Texans logo
the colts were the first team to have cheerleaders
monday night football started airing in 1970 .
Colts logo
58intersesting facts.com
don't play
don't play
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