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Plessy vs. Ferguson Case

No description

Isabel Lopez

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Plessy vs. Ferguson Case

Plessy Vs. Ferguson Court Case
Plessy vs. Ferguson Case
Who was involved in the case ?
-Homer Adolph Plessy
-Judge John Howard Ferguson
-Justice John Marshall Harlan
-Henry Brown

Was this Justice?
Plessy was 1/8th black
He appeared to be white
14 Amendment was taken away
What Were The Effects
This Court Case???
the effects of this court case later then led on by the Brown v. Board of Education
Plessy was arrested
the case was out of injustice
because they had their amendments taken away
Cites Sourced
"Plessy vs. Ferguson." Photograph. Google Images. <https://www.blendspace.com>
What was the Plessy Vs. Ferguson case about?
1. Man
2. Train
3. Sits in White section
4. Arrested for being black
5. Goes to court
"Our Constitution is blind"
"Jim crow laws." Photograph.
Google images. http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/PLESSY.jpg
"Homer Adolph Plessy ." Photographer.
Google Images.
Plessy v. Ferguson"Photograph.
Google Images < http://www.ferris.edu/jimcrow/links/misclink/plessy/>
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