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Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France

Should his titles be taken away?

Talya W

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France

Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France By: Natalya Whitla
ISP 2013
MAY 21 Should his titles be taken way? Tour De France ~Used to be perimeter of France ~Now a days it takes normally 21 days and 2 rest days Distance in kilometers: Around 3,500 Km Prizes General: General Classification This is simply the combination of the times Points classification Started in 50th anniversary (1953) Started in 1903 by Henri Desgrange Points for place in different stages of the competition (Minus penalty points) Stages: medium mountain, big mountain,flat, Time trial, and sprint Mountain classification The winner is the first to the top of the mountain Victor Breyer wrote a paragraph of the first man to the top
"His body heaved at the pedals, like an automaton, on two wheels. He wasn't going fast but he was at least moving. I trotted alongside him and asked 'Who are you? What's going on? Where are the others?' Bent over his handlebars, his eyes riveted on the road, the man never turned his head nor uttered one sole word. He continued and disappeared round a turn. Steinès had read his number and consulted the riders' list. Steinès was dumfounded. 'The man is François Lafourcade, a nobody. He has caught and passed all the cracks' ... Another quarter-hour passed before the second rider appeared, whom we immediately recognised as Octave Lapize. Unlike Lafourcade, Lapize was walking, half leaning on, half pushing his machine. But unlike his predecessor, Lapize spoke, and in abundance. 'You are assassins, yes, assassins!' To discuss matters with a man in this condition would have been cruel and stupid." Young Classification For riders under the age of 26 Same as general classification Winner: 450,000 euros 21 Runner ups: 8,000 euros Mountain and Points: Each winner: 250,000 euros Young: Winner: 20,000 euros ~20-22 teams with 9 riders (Paused during world wars) Surviving cancer: Testicular cancer:
What is it? ~Cancer that starts in the males reproductive glands ~No symptoms at first, but after they include: ~Can come in genes ~Men between the ages of 15-35 ~feeling of heaviness
~discomfort ~Pain in lower back,
Abdomen, pelvis, and
sometimes even brain
If cancer has spread How do you treat it? ~removal of the affected testicle ~radiation therapy ~ chemotherapy If it is spread beyond... Surgery to remove tumor Survival rate:
95% Livestrong Charity "We fight to improve the lives of people affected by cancer" How they help... ~They raise money for cancer research ~give emotional support ~give grants to people to pay for treatment (US) ~run informational programs ~raise awareness People in charity ~Founded in 1996 by: Lance Armstrong Lance's experience ~Diagnosed on October 6th 1996 ~spread to abdomen, lungs and brain Cancer survivor Where money goes:

Program $25,329,225.00

Administration $1,946,759.00

Fundraising $4,277,423.00 President is Douglas Ulman: BEFORE... The drugs he used: EPO Testosterone Blood Transfusions EPO (Erythropoietin) ~controls the red-blood cell reproduction ~produced in the liver and kidney ~involved in the wound healing process ~classified as an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent ~detected in blood due to slight difference from the endogenous protein Testosterone -male sex hormone -helps increase muscle and bone mass -injections, gels, patches and inplanted pellets -muscles become larger and repair faster Blood Transfusions Helps with the Oxegen to the muscles Gives higher concentration to the blood Michele Ferrari Was Lance's physician until scandal 1 million dollars in a decade Claims Innocent Lives in Italy Banned from cycling In 2004 sentence 1 year prison and a 900 euros fine Lance and doping Mid 90s (EPO)-2005 Non-doppers "heroes" NOW.......... def. Cheat: to gain an advantage over a rival or foe Basic Facts: Born September 18 1971 in Plano, Texas Lance Edward Gunderson Other prize: Most aggressive rider: 20,000 euros "Our donors are our leaders" ($1182.06) Impact: ~sport (olympics) ~Michele Ferrari ~winners 1998-2004 ~charity ~family ~press love life... Love life: ex-wife: Kristin Richard 1998–2003 ex-fiance: Sheryl Crow 2003-2005-2006 What is he famous/ infamous for? Height: 5 ft 9 1⁄2 (177cm)
Weight: 165 lb Owns a coffee shop in Austin Texas
Called the Juan Pelota Cafe (is a joke for his cancer meaning "one ball") Also owns a bike shop in same building called Mellow Johnnys (comes from "maillot jaune") ~enlargement (Letter) (Why is it cheating?) Side-effects of EPO: -increase in early mild heart failure -hypertension -faster tumor growth "Uh, it'd make you a cheater. That enough of a side-effect for ya?" run32 wrote: Side-Effects of Testosterone if path is worn, it leaves a burning sensation problems with urination swelling in the ankles nausea, stomach pain jaundice loss of appetite dark urine Side-effects of blood transfusions Rare: Infections: http://www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=ItUsss7VnBA Allergy reactions (hives, itching or more serious) Fever for 24 hours (more common in women who have been pregnant) Lung injury (1 in 5,000) (not even just for doping) Hep B and C HIV And Many more... ~awards 167 Mountains are classified based on difficulty CHEAT Not always the same course during two consecutive years. Hi Good Morning Was he really?
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