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Hermione Granger

No description

Jessica Woodward

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Hermione Granger

We know that both of Hermione's parents are dentists, so they are highly educated; this may be why she leads with her head and not her heart.
loves rules & regulations
can be bossy
does not have many friends
thrives in situations that are highly organized; does not do well with ambiguity
straight-A student
only child
Personality Assessment
Neo-Analytic Theory
1. Personality Typologies (Carl Jung)
introverted v. extroverted
thinking v. feeling
sensing v. intuiting

2. Birth Order (Alfred Adler)
only child
more pampered (now spoiled)
has anxiety (will develop neuroticism)
parents enforced education early in life.
Trait Approach
Stages of Development:
1. Stuck in oral stage: has a "biting personality"
2. Stuck in anal stage: Anal Retentive (orderly, controlling, almost OCD
By Jessica Woodward
Hermione Granger
Type A Personality:
quickly agitated, time urgency, high ambition, high motivation, focused on achievement
Evolutionary Personality:
1. Altruism: Hermione sacrifices for Ron & Harry
2. Need for Belonging/Acceptance
choose mate from friend pool: coincidence that Hermione started liking Ron? I think not...

Ron is the only potential mate besides Harry, but he's probably going to die, so Ron is the better option of the two.
Behavioral Theory
Positive Reinforcement: Hermione gets showered with compliments when she does Harry's and Ron's homework

Negative Punishment: Snape takes away points from Gryffindor house whenever Hermione speaks in Potions, which is contrary to her experience in her other classes; she could develop neuroticism (i.e. Pavlov's dogs)
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