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F125 Tier-4 EMD Status Report

Planning & Finance Committee - Jan. 24, 2014

Yena Jeon

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of F125 Tier-4 EMD Status Report

Contract No. EP181-12

F125 Tier-4 Locomotives
Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD)

Tier-4 Locomotive Procurement
Status – Monocoque
Carbody in Design Phase
Preliminary Cab Mock-Up Design
Funding Plan assigns funds based on milestone payments, fund timing and grant restrictions
$121M spending period is 2013-2017
$29M spending period is 2014-2017
Oracle R12 required careful up-front work to establish funding patterns

Funding & Programming
Any Questions?
The F-125 Power Plant is cradle mounted for easy removal of the entire package rather than one component at a time.

The quick disconnect features allow the package to be replaced in 30 man-hours. This means a 60% reduction in labor hours as compared to the labor hours required for the same task in the older Metrolink locomotives.
January 24, 2014


Driving Factors Behind F-125
Tier 4 Schedule 2013-2017
The F-125 Layout
Crash Energy Management (CEM) in Final Design

Multiple energy absorbing
components to meet PRIIA
Crashworthiness Standards

Crash Energy Management
The Crash Energy Management design provides several features that absorb and dissipate energy

The SCRRA and an Amtrak Locomotive Engineer
traveled to Spain for the initial Cab Mock-up inspection
last December. The engineers' participation ensured proper
ergonomic design, effective layout of cab operational
devices and safety features.

Truck Design
This two axle truck design by Vossloh Spain comes with a
30 year service life and it has no wear surfaces. This provides
for a stable ride at speeds up to 125 MPH.

Truck Design (Continued)
Cab Layout Rendering
F-125 Power Plant
Test Status – Tier 4 CAT C-175 20 Engine
Two engines equipped with Tier 4 SCR assemblies are currently under test at Caterpillar. Preliminary test results meet the EPA Tier 4 emission standards.

Current ongoing bench-testing of the engine

Locomotive Funding Sources
December 2012
January 2014
Project Funding
Ongoing Oversight Actions
Close coordination with Project Management team
Maintain and update vendor payments and cash flow
Monitor to ensure grant requirements are being met
Monthly and quarterly interfaces with grantors

Next Steps
Secure $19M of reserved funds by first quarter 2014
Exercise option for up to three locomotives – need $18.9M by early summer
Secure remaining $10M
Continue to monitor milestone payment schedule and cash flow
Provide updates as needed

Funding & Expenditures
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