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Math Prioject

Our math project which is about teachers. We surveyed 30 students of Cassia,Delonix and Bombax and we are proud to present you our results.

Christy Wong

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Math Prioject

Our Aim
To find out how students think that a good teacher should be and compare it to their opinion about the current teachers
What did we do....
What did we do ....
What did we do ....
Math Project
By Christy Wong F1CA
Veronica Tam F1CA
Grace Hung F1CA
Subject: Teachers
First,we list out bunch of ideas about what are we interested in and would like to discover further more.
We picked our most favorite topic
Then, we wrote a purpose statement and investigated the situation to make sure we know what is the aim/goal for doing this.
According to the theme we picked(which is "teachers"), we started brainstorming various questions.
Thank You!
What did we do...
We discussed which questions would be appropriate and the most important to help us understand what the student body thinks about the teachers.
The questions that we came up with:
Should teachers be a good role model for students?
How’s the relationship between you and your teacher?
What are the reasons that you hate about a teacher?
Which teacher do you like most?
.What are the good qualities of a teacher?
Is your teacher one of the main reasons that you like/hate about the subject?
After that, we surveyed 30 different people. They are all form one students from Bombax, Delonix and Cassia.
We actually used two ways to collect data during the whole process, one is doing interviews (asking them face to face) and another one is sending online forms through e-mail. We can receive their responses through our accounts.
After we got all our results, we entered the information into excel. Then, we made both bar and pie charts for every single question to reflect the students choices.
Conclusion Of Results
Question 1: Should teachers be a good role model to students?
We can see from the results that the students do think that teachers should be role models to students, although the percentage difference isn't much. As you look at the statistical graphs above, 12 students(40%) agreed that teachers should be a good role model, which is the most among other choices.
Ready to embark on the journey to see how we did our math project?
What? It's our turn to present?
OMG :)
Never mind, let's start!

Q2: Which quality do you think is the most important for a good teacher?
From the graphs we found out that more than half students chose "humorous" as the most important quality of a teacher. A humorous teacher will be liked by more students.
From the graphs we found out that more than half students chose "humorous" so students find humorous teachers are better teachers.
Q3: Which teacher do you like the most?
From the charts we found out that Mr. Walker was the most popular teacher, tightly followed by Mr. Yau, which has 7 votes. (LOL and Mr. Lam has only 4) Most people voted for Mr.Walker, which is 8 people. On the other hand, Mr.Jimmy, Ms.Zou and Miss Duggan wasn't that popular since all of them only have one votes (the least).
We did quite a good job to finish the project.
We learnt using various ways to collect data
We learnt about finding averages ( analyzing and organizing data )
How to draw charts properly
Q4: What are the main reasons that students dislike about a teacher?
As you can see through the statistical graphs beside, people usually dislike teachers since they are not being fair. Some teachers might specially treat their favourite students super friendly while treating students they dislike rudely.
Through the 12 statistical graphs we just mentioned, we could see that students "perfect dream teachers" are like this:
1. Being honest

And looking back at the 3rd qustion, people's favourite teachers are Mr.Walker and Mr.Yau.
We guess that they might actually have these two main qualities, therefore , they are such popular among other teachers!
Students expect to learn from their teachers and they totally respect them ( not just GAINING KNOWLEDGE, BUT THEIR ATTITUDE AND PERSONALITY TOO )
Percentage: Number of people in that category /
Total people we interviewed--this is wrong!
Mean: Add up all the numbers /
How many numbers we have
Median: Put the numbers in order from small to big. The number in the middle will be your answer
Mode: The number that appears the most
Most students have a good relationship between teachers since the bar of that choice is the tallest, as well as the biggest area of the pie chart.
Q5: How is the relationship between you and your teacher?
Q6: Is your teacher one of the main reasons that you hate/like about the subject?
Students do care about who the teacher is as most of them voted for "yes" (47%),almost half of them all.
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