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Almost Home

No description

Zenia Christianson

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Almost Home

Almost Home
By:Joan Bauer.
Presented by: Zenia Christianson.

Shush: Shush is the main idea
for Sugar to keep her hopes and dreams. Does he succeed?
Sugar: Sugar is the main person and has the hardest time in this book.She holds on no matter what happens. Does she live being homeless?
Reba: Reba is Sugar's mom. She is important because she makes Sugar keep her hope and takes care of her, but than she goes to the hospital. There is no image of Reba. Don't worrie she is O.K. after that. She gains hope and stands up to Mr.
Lexie and Mac: Lexie took Sugar in once Reba left to the hospital. Lexie is a kind caring person and is loving Sugar being there. Mac is Lexie's husband and the book doesn't describe him very well. He isn't very important, but he doesn't mind Sugar so he is helpful. Mac is a very
man and Lexie is very
Joonie: Joonie is a friend Sugar meets along her adventure while she was walking Shush and Merlin . She is a funny and takes most things seriously.
Merlin, Greg, Puffypoo: These dogs were ones that Sugar walked to earn money. Merlin is old, Greg doesn't listen, and Puffypoo loves to be the leader. There was no description of these dogs.
Butterbutt: Butterbutt is Joonie's fat cat that fought with the dogs Sugar walked. Shush and her stare at each other a lot during this book. She got her name because she use to sit on butter.
My favorite part:The part I liked the most was when. Jenny
(Shushes old owner)
gave Shush up so he had a better chance to live

gave him to Sugar).
The cover is when she first got Shush.
Recommendation: I recommend this book to almost to every one except younger than ten. Some parts of this book are very sad, so young kids would start to cry. This book is for ten and older.
Summary: The book Almost Home by Joan Bauer inspires us to never give up. A girl named Sugar Mae Cole lost every thing and gained hope. She has a dog named Shush, and her mom's name is Reba. Together they move to Chicago. There they meet two important people: Lexie and Mac. Reba, (Sugar's mom) had a nervous break-down, gave up, and went to the hospital. Lexie being motherly, took Sugar in while Reba was getting better. While Sugar was walking Shush she meets an old man and his dog, Merlin. She got a job to walk dogs and meet a girl named Joonie. Soon enough the old dog Merlin, died. Everyone was sad, (I almost cried) and Sugar being optimistic asked "What's your favorite color?" "Purple" his owner responded. She ............... read to find out what happens. P.S. I didn't realize it was important, but it's pretty obvious.
Not many people changed in this book. The people are Reba (she lost hope than she found it), Sugar (she became stronger), Shush(he found bravery), and Merlin (he died)!
Mr.Cockburn : Mr.Cockburn is a very unpredictable man. He is the owner of Merlin. There was three pages of how sad he, and everyone else was. He was also in the army and loves purple. He gets another dog named Boris.
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